{"authorname":"JR","markupcontent":"Junco REST JSON simple GET for a post\r\n\r\nRetrieve basic information for a blog or microblog post:\r\n\r\n* markup content\r\n* created date\r\n* modified date\r\n* author name\r\n\r\nMaybe additional fields will be added later if necessary.\r\n\r\nA GET request is used to return the information in JSON format.\r\n\r\nExample URL for this post:\r\nhttp://jothut.com/cgi-bin/junco.pl/rest/5249\r\n\r\nThe key path info vars are \"rest\" and the id number of the blog or microblog post. Any text after the id is ignored. So this URL returns the same thing as the above link:\r\nhttp://jothut.com/cgi-bin/junco.pl/rest/5249/20Sep2013/Junco-REST-JSON-simple-GET-for-a-post\r\n\r\n#juncocode - #rest - #json - #api","modifieddate":"2013-09-20 10:49:36","createddate":"2013-09-20 10:46:42"}