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Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals - Sun, Nov 17, 2013

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Game not televised in Toledo market for an unknown reason. I assume it's an NFL rule. The Ravens are playing at the Bears, and that's the game that WTOL is broadcasting. Bears are in the same division as Lions. But in the first quarter, the Bears game got suspended due to severe weather in the Chicago area. But the local station switched to the Bills-Jets game. Now that really makes no sense.

Browns led Bengals 13-0. Browns DB Haden intercepted a Dalton pass and returned it for a TD. Bengals QB Dalton threw 2 ints in first qtr.

Late in first qtr, Bengals intercepted Campbell deep in Browns territory and returned TD for int, but a penalty during the int return brought ball back. Bengals offense, however, took over at the Browns 26. On the first play of the 2nd qtr, the Bengals scored a TD. 13-7 Browns early in 2nd.

Bengals blocked Browns punt. Bengals driving.

Bengals scored TD and now lead Cleveland 14-13 in 2nd qtr.

Wild first half in Pittsburgh between the Lions and Steelers. Pitt led 14-0. Then Pitt led 20-10. Now it's 20-17.

Bengals block another Browns punt, and this one was returned for a TD. Will it stand? Review? Ruling on the field was a TD, and the play is under review.

In the first half: Browns intercepted Dalton twice, returning one for a TD. The Bengals intercepted Campbell, giving the Bengals offense a short field that led to a TD. And the Bengals have blocked two Browns' punts. The first block gave the Bengals offense a short field, which led to a TD. And now the second punt has been returned for a TD, although it's still under review.

Review said ruling stands. TD on the block punt return.

PAT good. Bengals lead 21-13

Browns RB Obj. fumbled and the Bengals returned the fumble for a TD. Obj caught a checkdown pass, but a hard hit forced the fumble.

Wow. Across both teams: interception returned for TD, block punt returned for TD, and fumble returned for TD.

Bengals lead 28-13.

Lions lead Pitt 24-20 with :14 left in 2nd and Lions are at Pitt 1. Lions settle for FG. Lead at the half 27-20.

Bengals make a FG with :01 left in the first half. Cin leads Cle 31-13.

Campbell throws bomb. 74 yard TD pass for Cleveland to Gordon. 31-20. 9:29 left in 3rd.

Cin will punt. 7:28 left in 3rd. Plenty of time left for Cle in this game. Down only two scores.

Cle partially blocked the Cin punt, but Cle flagged for offsides, and the 5-yard penalty is enough to give Cin a first down. What the hell? Instead of Cle having the ball down 11, Cin maintains poss.

Campbell threw an int. Raining hard in Cincy. Radar shows a small cell moving through Cin.

End of 3rd qtr. Cin leads 31-20.

Cin driving. Close to scoring now.

Bengals score TD. 38-20. Early 4th qtr.

Lions lead 27-23. Instead of trying a chipshot FG, Lions run a fake. Came close, but the holder or kicker fumbled the ball as he ran with it.

Stafford threw int deep in Pitt territory, late in 4th qtr. Pitt leads 30-27. Pitt trying to kill clock. Pitt at Det 20. Wow. Wide open TD pass for Pitt. Busted defensive coverage. Still over 2 min left. Never know with Detroit.

Cin won.
Pit won.

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