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Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns - Sun, Nov 24, 2013

1:00 p.m. kickoff.

Weather: temps in the low 20s. breezy. wind chills in the 10 to 15 degree range. Mostly cloudy to cloudy. Occasional snow flurries. No lake effect snow squalls today in Cleveland proper.

Pit got ball first. Drove. Made 47 yard FG.

On Cle's first poss, they made a 49 yard FG.

Interesting FGs made in cold, windy weather.

Then it became punt-fest. Both teams did nothing on offense for the next 4 total poss.

Pit broke through in 2nd qtr, scoring 10 points. TD pass. And then Pit scored a FG right before half.

In 3rd qtr, a crunching hit on Campbell forced a fumble. Pit made a nice long return to inside Cle 5 yard line. First play, Big Ben slant pass for TD. Campbell went to locker room.

About 8 min left in 3rd qtr, Pit led Cle 20-3. Weeden in at QB.

With about 6 min left in 3rd, Cle goes for it on 4th and about a yard in their own territory. Weeden sneaks and gets 1st down.

3:36 left 3rd. Cle at Pit 42. 1st down.

Nice pass by Weeden to Little for 1st down. At Pit 29. Announcer said that this is deepest penetration by Cle in this game. Wow. ~3 min left in 3rd.

Number's 93 and 94 for Pit look to be good players.

3rd and 9 pass inc. Both teams looking for interference.

46 yard FG attempt now. Into the wind. Like Pit's FG to start the game. But Cle misses.

Pit takes over with under 3 min left.

Ben misfired on a wide open WR at the Cle 30.

Pit 3rd and 10 at own 47. Can at least play field position if punt.

Pass inc. Ben hit by Mingo as he threw it. The missed opp for Pit this series was the pass down the middle that Ben threw short.

Cle runs into the punter. Flag down. Unsure if 5 or 15 yard penalty. I think it was the 5 yard type. Yep. Pit declines. Cle starts deep in own territory. Cle nearly blocked the punt. It was Haden who somehow missed blocking the punt and then bumped the kicker. He was prob worried about smashing the kicker if he missed the ball, so he did both.

Cle starts on own 18 so not too bad. Weeden's pass klangs off Little's hands. Weeden may have thrown it too hard.

4th qtr ends. 20-3 Pit leads. Cle on own 22. 3rd 6.

Pass wildly thrown. Cle punting.

Pit fields punt at own 40. Runs for 3 yards.

Appears to be a lot of empty seats in Browns stadium. Either fans still returning from 3rd qtr break or they have left or they never showed up.

12:25 left. Pit still has the ball. Pit trying to run more. Kill some clock. At Cle 45.

Pit, 3rd and 7. Two straight runs need 3 yards. Not very good for Pit. Good defense for Cle. At Cle 43. 11:14 ...

A little turn in pass compl to left. Good catch. Pass a little behind WR. Gets first down barely.

Pit at Cle 34.

Run. Pit lineman grabs RB and carries him for a 4 yard gain.!!! How is that not a penalty? It's in the rule book.

Run gains 5. 3rd and 1. Another run gets first down. Now Pit grinding it out with running game.

8:50 and ticking. Pit at Cle 22. 1st and 10. Quite a time-consuming drive by Pit.

Run gains zip. End around loses several yards. A lot more empty seats now in stadium. Fans are leaving with about 8 min left.

3rd and 18. Cle 29. Tiny pass dropped. 7:02 left. Pit going for it. Skipping 46 yard FG. Nope. Ben does pooch kick. Wow. Steeler downfield downs ball gracefully at 1 yard line.

That Steeler drive started on own 43 and ended at Cle 29. So not many yards covered, but the drive consumed over 7 min, I think.

20-3. 6:54 left. Cle starts on own 1.

Long Weeden pass along sideline, caught by Gordon. But refs calls inc. Now another ref enters. Discussion. Call changed. It's a catch. 47 yard gain.

Cle at own 48. Inc pass. 6:30 left. Now Weeden misses badly to checkdown option Obj. He threw it into the ground. Obj was open with running room. Weeden now 6 for 15 passing.

Weeden under pressure. Weeden runs forward in traffic but he carelessly holds ball with one hand well away from his body. Easy play for Troy P to knock ball loose. Fumble covered by Pit.

The Browns offense with Campbell and Weeden did very little except for opening drive FG.

6:15 left. Pit 1st and 10 at Cle 44. That's the 2nd forced fumble today by Troy P.

It's really boring mop-up time now. Pit is not trying much on offense, and Cle cannot do much on offense.

4:42 left. Pit, 4th and 2, at Cle 37. Pit punting. Into the end zone. Man, now the stadium is nearly empty. I think only Pit fans are left.

Cle 1st and 10 on own 20. Weeden's first down pass is intercepted and returned for TD. Tough year for Weeden. He'll have to try QBing elsewhere next year. Maybe it will work out, but he does not look like an NFL QB.

Too many Browns turnovers today. Meager offense. And Pit's offense managed to grind out enough yards against Cle defense.

4:27 left. 27-3.

Cle will fall to 4-7. Pit will be 5-6 and still in the playoff hunt.

Only one spot is available for about 8 possible teams at the start of this weekend.

9-7 may win the final playoff spot, but that team will probably need favorable tiebreakers.

4:07 left. Light snow falling at game.

Browns driving. A couple passes to Gordon who is racking up garbage stats. Cle at Pit 17. 1st and 10. 4:00 left.

Another pass compl to Gordon. Wow. Nice pass and catch. And Gordon took a crunching hit by two Steelers and Gordon held onto the ball. Fine play.

1st and goal at Pit 1 yard line. Weeden fires pass to Cameron in EZ. TD. Wait. Maybe not. Cameron made a diving catch. Nope. He bobbled it. Refs rule incomplete. Close. Nice try.

Weeden's lob pass to left corner is caught for TD by Gordon. Well-executed. Pit's defense did not want to surrender a TD.

Cle going for 2. 27-9. Whoa. Pass complete to Bess. Knocked out of bounds at goal line. Ref rules score. 3:13 left. 27-11.

Nice drive by Cle. Good passing by Weeden and catching by Gordon. Although, how much was Pit trying when leading 27-3 with 4-plus minutes left?

27-11. 3:13 left. Assume onside kick. Yep. Easily nabbed by Pit player. Maybe a lame kick attempt.

Balt beat the Jets. Balt now 5-6. Pit plays Bal on Thanksgiving night. That game will prob eliminate another team from the playoff chase.

Game over. Pit 27. Cle 11.

Cle at 4-7 is mathematically still eligible for the playoffs, but realistically, it's unimaginable for Cle to win the final 5 games after having only won 4 of the first 11.

Now the silly Cle media and fans can discuss the April 2014 draft and what Savior QB Cle will select.

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