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Jacksonville Jaguars at Cleveland Browns - Sun, Dec 1, 2013

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1:00 p.m. kickoff in Cleveland. It's overcast in Toledo with temps around 40 degrees and light to moderate wind, so not too shabby. Good day to finish late season yard work, but I'll pass on that thought.

Jac will receive the opening kickoff. Overcast and 43 degrees with a 9 mph wind in Cleveland at game time.

Kickoff goes out of the end zone.

Chad Henne QBs the Jags.

Short swing pass compl, then pass catcher fumbled or dropped the ball. I think Cle recovered. He fell on the ground, ball popped out, but nobody touched him, so live ball, but somehow Jac recovered. It appeared a Brown had the ball.

Jac got one first down. Now face 3rd and 10 at own 31. Underneath pass gains 6 or so. 4th down.

Good punt return. Cle starts around 50 yard line.

Weeden throws up a long balloon pass to Gordon at the 5 yard line along sideline. Great catch by Gordon to get his feet in bounds. Tip-toeing as he came down with ball.

1st and goal at 5. Run gains 4. McGahee powers in for TD on 2nd down. Nice goal-line blocking by Cle. Power it in.

10:51 left in 1st. 7-0.

Cle ended a 19-game streak of failing to score a TD on its opening drive.

On that long pass by Weeden, Weeden took a big hit just as he threw the ball. He stepped up into the pocket to get away from one rusher, then he heaved the ball, and then he got slammed in the mid section.

Interesting helmets worn by the Jags. I have not seen these before. I don't know if these are special helmets or their normal helmets. Can't be throw-back helmets. The helmets have two colors. The front half is black and the back half is gold.

Jags driving a little on their 2nd poss. At own 45, 1st and 10.

Another good run by Jags. Gains 18. Big fullback this time. Big hole. At Cle 36. 1st and 10.

Inc pass downfield. QB and WR out of sync. Pass went out and receiver went inside. But Cle flagged for defensive penalty.

Another good run by Jags. Gains 13. Now at Cle 17. 1st and 10.

Nice pass by Henne. Deep out at the two yard line, left corner. Pass on the money. WR had a step. Goes into EZ. TD. 7:04 left in 1st QTR. 7-7.

Jags looked impressive on that drive, gashing the Browns "vaunted" defense with the running game. Scoring drive: 8 plays, 80 yards, 3:47.

Cle may be favored this game, but it's not an upset if the Jags win. Jac is 2-9 and Cle 4-7. Jac has won 2 of their last 3 games, and Cle has lost 5 of their last 6 games.

Cle starts on own 20. Deep out pass to right compl to Gordon. 15 yard pass, and then a run after the catch. 23 yard gain.

4-yard run gain on a left sweep by Whitaker. Run up middle by Obj gains nothing. Maybe loses a yard. 3rd and 7. Own 41.

Deep pass along right sideline to Gordon. Inc. Pass there. Gordon covered. One-on-one. The pass was catchable. Gordon did not go up for the pass. He catches and runs well when he's open and the pass is well thrown, but Gordon is not aggressive enough. He does not attack a ball when he's covered. He does not go through defenders. The league allows receivers to "nudge" defenders. Gordon should try to draw pass interference or even commit pass interference at times by being aggressive. On this play, he waited for the ball to come down to him. He needed to go up and through the defender to attack the ball.

11 yard run gain by Jags. Again, the fullback Jones-Drew. Jac at own 41.

Little swing pass to the left. First down. And another first down on a short pass. But flag down. Jag offense is shredding the Browns.

Penalty on both teams. Weird penalties. Repeat.

Run to the right gains 7. Wow. Odd to see an NFL team run this well.

At Cle 42. 2nd and 3. Henne drops back and has all kinds of time. No pressure anywhere. And for some reason, Henne eventually throws ball away even though he was still under no pressure. Bizarre. He remained in the pocket the entire time. He could have moved around and maybe ran forward for a couple yards.

3rd and 3, another pass attempt, and Henne holds on too long and gets sacked. So the Jags have moved the ball well on its last two poss and on 2nd and 3 and 3rd and 3, Jac tries pass attempts. Wacko coaching. Should have tried a run on 3rd down. It was only 3 yards. Jac has to be averaging more than 3 yards a rush. Sometimes, coaches out-think themselves. The best defense against Jac was the Jac offensive coaches.

Jac punts. Pins Cle back.

Cle now at own 23 yard line after 1 or 2 first downs.

Short pass compl.

End of 1st qtr. Score is 7-7.

Pass too high for Gordon. 3rd and 5. Own 28.

High pass downfield to Gordon who goes up for the catch and comes down with ball. He was wide open. He took a shot after catching pass and held on. 1st and 10 at own 49. Weeden had good protection.

Pass compl to TE Cameron. At Jac 21.

Flag on snap. Cle, false start, Cameron. Such a bonehead penalty in football. Lost focus.

Weeden rifles pass to Little who either dropped it or defender knocked it away. Little had double coverage. I think it was good defense. Weeden prob should have not thrown to Little.

Now 3rd and 10. Pass lobs pass to Gordon in EZ, Touchdown! Nice pass and catch. Gordon on right sideline. Runs out and up. Single coverage. This time, Gordon went up to catch ball above defender, and he got his feet down, tip-toeing along EZ sideline. Play is under review. It's close. Gordon bobbled ball slightly has he brought ball into his body and as he landed both feet on the ground. It's possible one foot may have touched the sideline, but it's not obvious on the replay. Since it was called a TD on the field, the play will prob stand.

Ref rules TD. If it was ruled inc on the field, the ref may have let that call stand too. The Jac defender got a hand in as Gordon was coming down and disrupted Gordon's catch a little. That's why Gordon bobbled it.

Anyway, Gordon did a good job of holding onto the ball and getting his feet down. 14-7. 12:03 left in 2nd.

Let's see if the Jac offensive coaches go away from run again.

A lot of empty seats in the Cleveland stadium. The seats are painted orange. Many fans wear orange. So on a distant shot of the stadium, it's hard to tell if the orange is fan colors or empty seats. Close view shows empty seats.

First play for Jac offense, Henne throws a deep pass, slightly underthrown and intercepted by Haden. Returned to Jac 47.

Three straight passes for Jac. Wow. Brain fart by the Jac coaches. The Browns say, "Thank you."

On 2nd and 10, Weeden hit by one or two Jac defenders, ball knocked loose, apparently recovered by Cle. Weeden somehow recovered the ball among two Jac players.

3rd and 18. Pass inc to Best. 3 and out. Quickly.

4th and 18. Cle own 45. Punt. Rolls into end zone. Weak. Chance to pin Jac back.

Now let's see what Jac offensive coaches drum up. I can't believe that two poss ago, Jac on the Cle 42, driving again after after prev poss contained a lot of good running plays that led to TD drive, decided to attempt two pass plays on 2nd and 3 and 3rd and 3, and failed both times. Not one run attempt.

Jac starts on own 20. No gain on 2nd down run. 3rd and 10. Henne fires pass on slant, gains 11. Man. 3rd and 10. Cle defense could not get off the field. Chance to have decent field position after punt.

Quick out pass dropped for Jac. 2nd and 10. Pass compl. Gains 7 or 8. Henne just fired pass to WR split out wide. No route. Just immediately whip out to WR and let WR run. Like a long pitch out.

Jac calls TO. 3rd and 2. Jac has run well today. Let's see. Own 37.

Henne in shotgun. Takes a deep drop. Throws underneath. Pass compl 2 or 3 yards beyond down marker. Receiver runs backwards a bit, but gets first down by a yard or so. Another 3rd down conversion. Here we go.

Run gains 1.

Run out wide to left gains 10. Zone blocking by Jac offense.

1st and 10 at Cle 47. Run loses 3 yards. I would think that all the good running should eventually lead to play action pass on first down.

2nd down pass thrown to nobody. Henne remained in pocket. Why not intentional grounding?

Another TO by Jac. I guess that's what a 2-9 team does. Squander TOs.

Jac, 3rd and 13 at the 50, 5:57 left in 2nd.

Screen pass, dropped. Wow. It looked like it was setup well. May have been able to run close to first down, at least possibly close enough for Jac to go for it on 4th down. But RB simply flubbed an easy pass. 2-9 record. He appeared to have running room to the left. He had blockers out front with no Brown defenders nearby. Blown opp for Jac.

Thus far in the game, the Browns are good enough to make the Jags pay for their mistakes.

After punt, Cle starts on own 15. Run to Obj gains 3. Browns going no huddle and bit of hurry up too.

Pass over middle to Little gets first down. At own 27. Browns in hurry up.

Inc pass to Cameron, I think. Pass knocked away by LB. Ball thrown inward while Cameron turned outward. Bad pass.

Weeden, play-action, under heavy pressure, narrowly escapes a long sack from another rusher. Weeden tripped up. He flips pass away to a Brown as he's falling down. Inc though.

Pass dropped by a sliding Cameron. I think he would have been short of first down anyway.

Cle punt. 40 yards. 4:10 left in 2nd. So the Browns got one first down and then quickly fizzled.

Jac starts on own 32. Pass batted up into the air, falls inc. Mingo got his paw on the ball.

Sweep left, tackled by Mingo for a short gain. Good defense by Browns that time. Only a 2 yard gain.

3rd and 8. Clock ticking. 3:30 ...

Underneath, check-down pass to Drew, gains nothing. 4th and 8. Cle calls TO. 2:58 left.

Jac punts. Field at the 16. Minimal gain.

Cle, own 19. 2:47 left.

Pass down field, intercepted. Ball picked off at Cle 45. Returned to Cle 17. Pass was intended for TE Cameron, running down the middle. Cameron was wide open early. Ball thrown too late or something. Cameron did not contest pass though. Easily intercepted. Bad performance by Weeden and Cameron. Weeden must not have seen Cameron early because Cameron was open as soon as he left the line of scrimmage. Cameron ran quite a ways wide open who continued to run the deep route. By the time Weeden threw the ball, Cameron had two defenders around him when the ball arrived.

Drew slams through on the right side for a 6 yard gain. 2 min warning.

Drew rights wide to the right. Good tackle. Gains 2 or 3. 3rd and 1. At Cle 8.

Drew throws halfback pass for TD. But I think the WR or TE may have bobbled the ball. Drew, running right, had room to run too for at least the first down, but he threw pass to a wide open TE in the EZ. The TE caught the pass cleanly along the right EZ sideline. Lewis, the TE or WR, did good job getting his feet down. Nice little flip pass by Jones-Drew. Solid play, this Jones-Drew. Short but powerful.

1:19 left. 14-14. Browns start on own 20. First play. Pass is intercepted. Nice catch by the Jac defender. Pass intended to Little. Pass seemed over thrown or wide.

Jac starts on Cle 28. Jac should at least get a FG attempt.

Pass grounded. 2nd and 10. Attempting a screen, I think. Meant to throw pass to Jones behind line of scrimmage. 1:09 left in 2nd.

Pass to EZ is inc.

3rd and 10. Run to Jones. Gains little. Sort of a give up play. If attempting passes on first and second down, why not on 3rd down? Apparently, Jac playing for FG on 3rd down. Run to gain something and avoid the sack and a longer FG.

Still a 44 yard FG attempt. Good.

0:48 left in 2nd. 10 quick points for Jac on back-to-back Weeden ints.

Campbell is still injured from last week's game.

Cle backup QB for today's game is from Monmouth College. Div 3 school. Cle got him from the Dallas's practice squad this week. Does Cle's practice squad have any QBs? Anyway, this Monmouth College QB looks smallish.

Cle starts on own 20. A couple gains. 0:18 left. Cle on own 40.

Pass compl to Bess. Gains 5. Goes out of bounds. 14 secs left.

Weeden gets hit. Fumbles. Ball scooped up by big Jac lineman who rumbles down field and then falls down on his own although he was about to be tackled by Browns lineman.

But Jac in field goal range. :05 left after the fumble recovery and return. Jac attempting a 36 yard FG. Good. Halftime. 20-14 Jac. 13 points on 3 turnovers on the Browns' last 3 poss. Weeden and the Browns offense looked decent until the final few minutes of 2nd qtr. Collapse. Just like that. 13 points. Lucky it was not worse.

Browns get ball first in 2nd half. Browns driving. Mix of run and pass. 1st and 10 at Jac 40.

Deep pass to Gordon around the goal line. Single coverage. Inc. Pass knocked up into the air. Nearly intercepted. But pass thrown slightly behind Gordon. As TV announcer said, pass needed to be thrown toward the middle.

A couple plays later, another long pass to Gordon along sideline. Gordon went up and caught pass and then he got blown up by Jac defender who got flagged for personal foul. I cannot understand why it was a penalty. The Jac player hit Gordon around the upper chest or shoulder. Ball knocked loose. Inc. But 15 yard penalty. It was the penalty related to a defenseless receiver. I don't know if it's because Gordon was still up in the air or because of the high hit. I don't understand. The Jac DB did not hit Gordon in the head.

Browns continue to drive. Short TD pass from Weeden to Little. Good catch. Pass thrown slightly behind Little.

9:44 left in 3rd. Browns scored on its first poss in first half and now on its first poss of the second half.

Gordon headed to locker room. It didn't look like he got hit in the end. Maybe his head hit the ground.

21-20 Browns lead. Good drive by Browns. Aided by the 3rd down inc pass personal foul penalty on Jac. The NFL is sometimes like an overly complicated movie. I need it explained to me.

After touchback, Jac starts own 20. First play. Very low pass, not caught.

Run, loses a couple yards. 3rd and 13 at own 17. Pass over the middle to an open WR is dropped. Wow. That's a 2-9 play. Holy moly. Nice pass. Receiver got separation and was open. He simply dropped a simple pass. It would have been a first down. Amazing.

It's nice when a reeling team like Cle gets to play a 2-9 team.

Two run plays by Cle. First down. At own 47.

McGahee runs for 8 or 9. Nice. 2nd straight poss where Browns offense looks like professionals.

McGahee runs for first down. Cle now at Jax 41.

Short, underneath pass compl to Obj who took a big hit after making catch and held onto the ball. Gains 4. A rough 4 for Obj.

Short pass compl to Cameron. Gains 5. Looks like Brady and New England offense.

Now no huddle and hurry up, hand off to Obj. Gains 2. First down. Nice.

Allegedly, Gordon undergoing concussion test protocol in the lockerroom, according to the TV announcer, but I'm unsure if he's guessing or he knows.

Weeden scrambles for 5. McGahee runs for zip.

Now 3rd and 5. 3:50 left. Good time control. Cle at Jax 27.

Weeden in shotgun, has only a moment, then he's swamped by blitzing LB. Big loss on 3rd down.

53 yard FG attempt. 4th and 14. No good. A 9 yard loss on 3rd down may have cost the Browns 3 points. Obviously, have to try to pick up the first down and a pass play makes sense, but where's the offensive execution to at least maintain same field position?

So Jax start with decent field position after Cle FG miss.

3rd and 2 for Jax at Cle 49.

A short, check down pass out to left side to Jones, dropped, but he would have been stopped for no gain or a loss because Brown defender up-ended Jones as soon as he touched the ball. 4th down. Punting.

Jax squandered fine field position. Browns defense dug in. I don't think Jax offense has much now. Browns defense has slowed down Jax running. Jax passing game is not as good as Cle's. As long as Cle offense does not turn ball over deep in its own territory, Browns should pull away for at least a two-score win.

Punt goes into EZ. Browns start on own 20. Run loses a yard.

Gordon back in the game. Pass compl to Gordon gains 9.

McGahee jukes his way through line of scrimmage for first down gain.

End of 3rd qtr. Cle leads 21-20. It feels like Cle has a 10 to 14 point lead.

Start of 4th qtr. Cle 1st and 10 at own 30. Whittaker gains 1 on a run.

Underneath pass compl to Gordon who is tripped up for a 5 or 6 yard gain.

3rd and 3. Own 38. Run, Obj, left tackle, gains 6 or so. Nice run blocking. First down. At own 44.

Weeden fakes hand off to McGahee, Weeden ends up dumping off to McGahee who gains 9. Nice.

McGahee runs up middle and gets first down.

Cle offense chewing clock again.

12:14 left. At Jax 46.

Weeden, play action, has a moment, but then under pressure, thankfully moves out of the tackle box and throws ball away. Smart play.

2nd and 10. Weeden needs to carry out those play action fakes better. They're not very convincing fakes. It's a token movement, which is a wasted movement since QB back is to defense. Make a good fake to hold the defense.

Browns commit false start. Really bizarre. It's now early December. Home game. No crowd noise. How does a team commit false starts?

2nd down and 15. Pass batted down.

3rd and 15. Cle own 49. Deep pass along left sideline is inc. Browns WR was open by a couple yards but ball overthrown.

Browns punt.

11:34 left. Jax start on own 15.

First play, pass batted down.

Henne flushed, throws down field along sideline, pass dropped. Should have been caught. Nice pass. Would have been 20-yard or so gain. 2-9 record.

Short pass to RB gains first down on 3rd and 10 on own 15. Now at own 27.

Bubble screen pass caught and run for 7.

Bubble screen pass to left side. Gets first down. Basically a long pitch out to receiver. It's a forward pass though.

Jax on own 40. First and 10.

Jones gains 3. 9:43 left. Browns only lead by one point. Pass over the middle caught. Hey, a nice catch by a Jax receiver. First down. At Cle 49. 8:55 and ticking. It was a high pass. Receiver stretched up and out to make catch.

And Jax commits a false start. 1st and 15. One of the dumbest penalties a team can commit. Temporary brain farts.

Run, delay draw, gains 5. 2nd and 10. At Cle 49.

Mingo hits Henne as he throws ball. Pass disrupted. Falls short of intended receiver. Inc.

3rd and 10. 8:00 left. At Cle 49. Henne has time. Now Henne moves to his right, and he grounds ball. Pass thrown into ground, short of check down target. Punt.

After fair catch, Browns start on own 14. Even a Browns TD, the Jax remain one score down.

Browns, Weeden in shotgun, snap over Weeden's head. Ball rolls into EZ. Weeden kicks ball out of bounds. Safety.

Well, that's a new to blow a lead.

Good return by Jax after the kick after the safety.

Now Jax has first and 10 at Cle 12. 6:15 left.

Jones gains 3 on run. Run gains zip. Maybe loses a yard. Odd play. Is Jax playing for FG?

3rd and 8 at Cle 10. Short pass gains five or so. Not even a single pass attempt to the end zone, even a high corner pass. 2-9 record. It seems Jax played for the FG on this series. First down run, fine. But run again on 2nd down up the middle and then a dump off pass well short of first down??

Chip-shot FG is good. The 2-9 Jags blew opp to go up 8 and instead play for the safe 3 points. They were or nearly were in FG range after the kick return after the safety.

4:14 left. 25-21 Jax lead.

Browns flagged for block in back during kick return. It's rare to return a kickoff that the players don't know what to do.

Browns start on own 5.

Weeden completes pass to Gordon around their own 21, and then Gordon runs the rest of the way for TD!!! Wow. 95 yard pass play. The Jax defender went for the ball to either intercept it or knock it down, but he whiffed, so it was an easy catch for Gordon, and then he outran two other Jax defenders. Bad play by the initial Jax DB who missed badly on trying to block the pass. You lead by 4. Browns backed up to own 5. Approx 4 min left in game. What's the motto? Don't give up the big play. Don't do anything risky or stupid. At least keep the catches underneath. Epic failure by the Jax secondary. Again. 2-9 record.

3:55 left. 28-25 Browns lead. Kickoff is a touchback.

25 yard pass compl. Nice lob pass downfield by Henne. Jax 1st and 10 at 50.

Pass compl. Gains 15 yards or so. Impressed that the ball was not dropped since it was a nice pass.

Jax at Cle 34. 1st and 10. Little pass to Jones gains 4.

2:30 left and ticking. Jax not in a hurry. Must be playing for the dreaded FG again.

Run to Jones. Gains 5 or so. It will be 3rd down and about 1 to go. Injury timeout. Cle DB down.

After player leaves field, refs wind clock, and now 2:00 min warning.

Jax, 3rd and 1, at Cle 25. Would be a 42 yard FG from here. Certainly cannot take a sack. Let's see if Cle defense brings the big rush. Maybe Henne will go for it all with a quick downfield pass to a WR with man coverage.

3rd down play is a run. Jones runs for first down. Now at Cle 21.

Quick out pass gains only 1. 1:17 left. Nobody is calling TO. Why should Cle call timeout? Jax trails. Will prob play for FG.

Henne throws ball away. 3rd and 9. Amazing how Jax does not take shots to the end zone when they get down here.

:45 left.

This time, Henne throws to EZ. TD. Wow. What a pass and catch. The WR was open by at least 2 yards. Double move by Jax WR. Haden jumped the first move. That allowed the WR to get free.

The Jax WR did not do a good job of getting feet down. He caught and ran out of the end zone. He did not catch and try to tip-toe to get his feet down. He caught the ball in the left corner of the EZ, and he caught pass in full stride and he kept running. It appeared that the ball may have been bobbled too. TV announcer thinks call on the field may be overturned. Hard to tell.

Refs rule TD. Ref said he had total control of ball. He did have two feet in, but it appeared that he may have bobbled ball which meant he only had one foot down, but ref rules otherwise after watching replay.

32-28. Jax lead with 0:40 left.

Cle has 3 timeouts left. Should Cle have used one or two TOs after the 2 min warning? The football experts, the media, will debate that.

Prob is, Cle needs TD, obviously.

Touchback. Cle starts on own 20. Errant underneath pass. Would have been a short gain.

:36 left. Long pass along left sideline to an open Gordon. The pass thrown a little wide and out of bounds. Gordon was open. Bad Jax secondary play there.

Underneath pass to Little gains 5. 4th and 5.

Pass compl to Bess gains 13. Cle calls first timeout. Only :17 left.

Enough for two maybe three plays. Have to try at least one long pass to Gordon to at least draw pass interference.

Cle on own 38. Weeden under pressure, tosses ball away. Weeden could have moved and held onto ball and made a better pass attempt somewhere.

:12 left. Throw it deep to Gordon!!! Try two mini hail marys.

Jax flagged for offsides. Cle at own 43.

Underneath pass to Bess gains 10 or so. Another Browns timeout.

0:06 left. Cle at Jax 48. Jax secondary should be able to botch this hail mary attempt.

Holy hell. Cle flagged for false start. Bess. I guess he was eager to run downfield. False start??

Weeden heaves ball to end zone. Ball easily swatted down by Jax defenders. Jax played that well.

Wow. Browns found a way to blow that game. Leading 21-20. Bad shotgun snap leads to safety. Jax gets a field goal. Browns retake lead on 95 yard TD pass and run play. Then Jax execute a game-winning 80-yard TD drive agains the Ray Horton Browns defense. Late in the 4th qtr. Was the Browns defense tired? Who will the Browns defense blame now? 80 yard TD drive. And Jax converted multiple 3rd down plays, including the TD pass where Haden blew the coverage by biting on the double move. It was 3rd and 9. If the WR ran a short route, it would have been an underneath pass. If caught, make the tackle, minimal gain, 4th down, FG attempt to tie and send to overtime. But for some reason, Haden thought about jumping the pass to get the int, I guess, but the WR ran a deeper route, burning Haden.

The Browns defense blew it on that drive. The Browns offense made mistakes, especially in the first half, but still, surrendering 32 points at home to Jax is bad. Of course, the Cle offense gave up 2 points, so the Browns defense got burned for 30 points. To Jax.

Browns defensive coordinator, Ray Horton, and some Browns defensive players like to blame the Browns offense for Cleveland's woes. It shows how these defensive rankings are misleading in today's NFL. The Browns defense was ranked in the top 5 in the league at the start of today. Chad Henne leads the 2-9 Jax on a time-consuming, 80-yard, game-winning TD drive. It was not Rogers, Peyton Manning, Brees, Brady, Rivers, Romo, Stafford, and playoff-type of team. It was 2-9 Jax and Chad Henne, who did pass well today. In fact, some of Henne's passes were dropped.

Jax Game-winning TD Drive that Gashed the Browns Vaunted Defense:


3:54 1st & 10, JAX20
Chad Henne incomplete pass to the right

3:48 2nd & 10, JAX20
Cleveland committed 5 yard penalty

3:44 2nd & 5, JAX25
Chad Henne passed to Ace Sanders to the left for 25 yard gain

3:38 1st & 10, 50
Chad Henne passed to Cecil Shorts III to the left for 16 yard gain

2:57 1st & 10, CLE34
Chad Henne passed to Maurice Jones-Drew to the left for 4 yard gain

2:19 2nd & 6, CLE30
Maurice Jones-Drew rushed to the left for 5 yard gain

2:00 3rd & 1, CLE25
Maurice Jones-Drew rushed to the right for 4 yard gain

1:28 1st & 10, CLE21
Chad Henne passed to Ace Sanders to the left for 1 yard gain

0:50 2nd & 9, CLE20
Chad Henne incomplete pass to the right

0:40 3rd & 9, CLE20
Chad Henne passed to Cecil Shorts III to the left for 20 yard touchdown.
Josh Scobee made PAT


1st and 10 at JAX 20 (Shotgun) C.Henne pass incomplete short right to A.Sanders (B.Skrine).

2nd and 10 at JAX 20 (Shotgun) C.Henne pass incomplete to D.Noble [J.Sheard]. PENALTY on CLV-P.Kruger, Defensive Offside, 5 yards, enforced at JAX 20 - No Play.

2nd and 5 at JAX 25 C.Henne pass deep left to A.Sanders to 50 for 25 yards (T.Gipson).

1st and 10 at 50 (Shotgun) C.Henne pass short left to C.Shorts to CLV 34 for 16 yards (J.Haden).

1st and 10 at CLE 34 (Shotgun) C.Henne pass short left to M.Jones-Drew to CLV 30 for 4 yards (T.Gipson).

2nd and 6 at CLE 30 M.Jones-Drew left tackle to CLV 25 for 5 yards (C.Owens; A.Rubin). CLV-C.Owens was injured during the play. His return is Probable. Pitch out

3rd and 1 at CLE 25 M.Jones-Drew right guard to CLV 21 for 4 yards (D.Eubanks).

1st and 10 at CLE 21 (Shotgun) C.Henne pass short left to A.Sanders to CLV 20 for 1 yard (J.Haden).

2nd and 9 at CLE 20 (Shotgun) C.Henne pass incomplete short right to A.Sanders [D.Bryant].

3rd and 9 at CLE 20 (Shotgun) C.Henne pass short left to C.Shorts for 20 yards, TOUCHDOWN. 31 28
J.Scobee extra point is GOOD, Center-C.Tinker, Holder-B.Anger. 32 28

DRIVE TOTALS: JAX 32, CLE 28, 9 plays, 75 yards, 3:15 elapsed

So Weeden is unavailable for the post-game press conference because Weeden has symptoms of a concussion.

And now it's reported that Weeden has been diagnosed with a concussion, and that's why he was could not comment after the game. The Browns don't know when Weeden suffered the concussion.

Last year, the Browns won 5 games, and the Browns head coach was fired.

I thought the Browns would win 8 or 9 games this season. And when the Browns were 3-2, it seemed plausible that Cle could win 9 games.

The Browns remaining schedule:

  • Sun 12/8 at New England 1:00 pm
  • Sun 12/15 Chicago Bears 1:00 pm
  • Sun 12/22 at NY Jets 1:00 pm
  • Sun 12/29 at Pittsburgh 1:00 pm

Closing out the season with 3 of the final 4 games being played on the road. I think the only possible win is at the Jets. If the Browns go 2-2 over the last 4 games, that's a quality finish. A 3-1 finish would be stunning. 1-3 and 0-4 would not be surprising now.

At best, it seems the Browns will finish with the same number of wins as last year, and this team was suppose to be better with a better coaching staff.

But the Browns have a lot of salary cap space. The Browns can wheel and deal in the upcoming off-season. The Browns management probably wanted to use this season to determine the talent level, and how it can perform with this coaching staff.

Defensive coordinator Ray Horton will probably be gone, and that's no great loss. WR Josh Gordon is more important than Horton's defense, which ranks near the bottom on 3rd down defense and for take aways. It's not a defense to be feared. Horton has been tooting his horn all season. He has been interview mode all season for a head coaching job somewhere. Fine. Goodbye.

We'll see how well Horton's amazing and highly-ranked defense fares next week versus Brady in New England. Maybe bad weather will move in and take the sting out of the Pats offense.

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