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Browns at patriots - dec 8, 2013

browns first drive, got a fg. a little conservative on 3rd 8 with running and settling for 43 yard fg.

pats first poss, 3 and out.

browns punted on 2nd poss.

browns lb jackson made a great diving interception of brady. browns start around own 40.

browns drove to pats 16 yd ln or so. but on 3rd 3, browns commit dreaded false start penalty. then inc pass. browns settle for 37 yd fg.

early 2nd qtr, browns lead 6-0.

pats driving. 11 min left in 2nd. pats at cle 29.
inc pass.
big 8 yd sack by mingo.
inc pass.
pats punt.

good cle defense this game.
cle offense playing better than pats offense. prob is cle settling for fgs.

browns run on 3rd and one and don't get it. punt.

pats punt. cle starts on own 11. 6:51 left in 2nd. still 6-0.

3rd and one and cle short although it appeared on tv that he got easily. bad spot. refs measure. short by 2 inches. chud challenges spot. cle on own 21.

wow. snowstorm in philly. det leads 8-0 late 2nd. appears at least 3 inches of snow on field. lines, sidelines, and numbers are clear of snow. prob heating elements under field. snowing hard. great scene.

refs rule cle did get 1st down after review.
browns eventually punt. ball downed inside 5.

snow depth on field in philly may be 4 to 6 inches. it covers players' feet.
halftime. det leads 8-0.

pats punt. browns start on own 8. still 6-0 cle. no snow. a little over 1 min left in half. pats have 3 timeouts.

browns get first down. pass catch by gordon.

snowing big in balt and pitt too.

another cle first down.

cle own 40. 30 secs left.

browns finally punt.

pats take knee. crowd lightly boos the hometeam pats with a 9-3 record.

halftime. cle 6 and pats 0.

snow still pouring in philly. crews use leaf blowers and shovels to clear lines.

because of heavy snow falling in phi, it's very low light kn tv. little color. grey. so tv using a lot of closeups.

pats get ball first in 2nd half.

pats punt. good browns defense start.

lions return punt for td. about 60 yards. and no flags. det goes for 2. no good. 8-0.

snow may be too deep to kick pats and fgs. in 1st half, phi went for it on 4th down instead of kicking fg. not much passing. old school. a lot of running plays.

browns driving...

cle scores td. but flag. penalty on pats. 40 yard pass play.

cle goes for 2. no good. running play with obj. score cle 12 and pats 0.

phi comp a bomb pass to det 19. next play is td pass but under review. wr may have stepped out of back of end zone before catching pass. going to be a tough snow call. line is mostly clear of snow. but still tough. refs rule td. phi going for 2 down 14-6. bad pass by foles. inc. 14-6. can't placekick in this weather. still pouring snow.

pats driving ...

maybe a fumble by pats. cle covers.

cle driving...
det driving...

det punts.
cle punts.

3rd qtr ends in phi. 14-6 det.

phi scores td. and gets 2pter with run up middle. 14-14.

pats going for it on 4th and 2 at own 48. brady gets it on qb sneak.

pats now at cle 18.

pats make fg

det returns kickoff for td. no flags. det going for 2. false start on det. now det attempting pat. det calls timeout so det players can clear snow to kick ball. pat is blocked and returned for score? unsure. no. good rush by phi.

20-14 det with over 14 min left.

cle scores td. 85 yard slant pass and run by gordon.

19-3 cle leads. if cle had kicked the pat on last td, cle would be up 3 scores.

phi scores td on long run.

brady comp 50 yard bomb.

pats in a flash ar at cle 6.

phi converts 2 pter on pass. nice catch. phi leads 22-20.

pats going for 2. pass inc but cle cb haden called for holding. pass play works. cle leads 19-11.

browns punt.

phi about to score td. snow has ended or slowed way down. phi 4th and goal at 1. qb sneak. big push. td. 2pnter no good. 28-20. 9min left.

pats driving. 9:15 left.

det at phi 20, quickly. good drive.

stafford in shotgun. ball snapped too early. ball whizzes past qb. phi covers. phi has had way more offense in the snow than det. 7 min left.

pats 3rd and 6 at cle 27 or so. brady sacked. 50 yard fg is good.

5:44 left. cle 19 and pats 14.

light snow falling in phi. prob most snow I've seen on field for nfl game. or one deepest I've seen.

phi scores td on longish run. wow. det defense smoked in 2nd half.

5:38 left. cle starts on own 20.
reverse to gordon. 34 yd gain. campbell lead block sort of.
mcgahee runs for 3.
inc pass. possibly grounding. yep. I don't know why. whitaker was nearby. refs gave brady a break in first half on an obvious grounding but refs said rb was nearby.
3rd 17. low pass. caught by gordon for first down. gain 19. gordon was covered. nice pass. njce catcch. maybe. pats challenge the catch. looks like a catch. refs still thinking. def not enough to overturn call on field.
hey the refs ruled correctly. it's a catch.
cle at pats 21. 3:32 left.
pass compl to cameron at 5. cameron slow to get up.
1st and goal at 5. 2:58 left. must score td to ice game.
1st play, mcgahee runs for hard 1 yard. mcgahee down on field.
mcgahee slowly walks off field. he was down for a while. hard hitting on that play.
2nd and goal at 4.
campbell faked handoff. pats rushed about everybody. campbell rolled to his right slightly and then threw pass to wide open cameron in end zone.
26-14 with 2:36 left.

pats start on own 18.

wild finish in balt. vikings at ravens.
mn led.
balt scored td with about 2 min left to lead.
then mn scored td on very long pass and run with 30 secs left to lead by 4.
and now balt drove and scored td with 4 secs left. play under review.

most pats fans left stadium. don't know why.

pats at cle 15. 1:24 left.
pats at cle 2. ball spike.
inside handoff stopped. pats call to.
td pass. refs will review. and flag. personal foul on cle. high hit on wr.
refs reviewing. it's td. pat good.

onside kick coming up. 1:01 left. pats don't have enough timeouts to miss this.

refs rule pats covered onside kick. will be reviewed. close. cle touched it early. maybe. hard to tell. ball did not go req 10 yards. actually ball did hit the 10 yard mark. whitaker dove at ball but whiffed. looks like pats ball.

and 60 to 80 percent of stadium emptied a short while ago. I don't get it. hall of famw qb.

1:00 left. no pats timeouts.

10 yard pass compl to 30.
long pass to end zone inc. prob should have been caught. but haden called for interference but I don't see it. bad call by refs. need review on that penalty under 2 min.

at 1.
td pass.

amazing. how stupid are patriot fans for leaving early like in saints game a few weeks back.

2pnter no good.

27-26 with 31 secs left.

cle,starts own 20.
pass gains 9.
need the fg attempt.
pass,to cameron gains 17.
19 secs left.
cle on own 47.
pass inc. short attempt. odd
gordon please.
15 s
pass compl to cam.
ball spike.
59 yd fg attempt
1'sec left.
kick was'online but a little short. needed 5 more yards.

the cle personal foul penalty on the one pats td.
failed to cover onside kick the biggie blunder.
bad call'on haden for interference.

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