Feeding pepper plants

A little gardening advice from my Dad.

  1. water and FEED regularly
    • "feeding" could be Miracle Gro or some other fertilizer placed on top of the soil or mixed with water and sprayed on the plants.
  2. when plant sets blossoms, spray new blossoms with a solution of:
    • 1 teaspoon epsom salts
    • dissolved in a quart of warm water
    • mixed in a spray bottle
  3. spray the top side and the under side of the green leaves too.
  4. spray every two weeks

The above will supply the peppers with magnesium, which the peppers crave.

original FB message from DD after she spoke to Dad on Jun 27, 2014:

News from your dad about our pepper plants... 1) water and FEED regularly. 2) when plant sets blossoms, spray with a solution of 1teaspoon epsom salts dissolved in a quart of warm water, mixed in a spray bottle. Spray new blossoms. 3) spray every two weeks. Mr. JL Master Gardener [S] strikes again!

I think this came from an old Woman's Day magazine.

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