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Cleveland Browns after 11 games

This Sunday, the 7-4 Browns play at the 6-5 Bills. Buffalo has the best record of any non-divisional opponent that the Browns have faced thus far.

The Browns have played a bit rugged against average to below average teams, such as the Titans, Jags, Bucs, Raiders, Texans, and Falcons. At least the Browns went 4-2 vs those teams. And to the Browns credit, those losing teams made mistakes, and Cleveland took advantage. An opponent has to finish off the Browns when given a chance.

On the flip side, however, Cleveland has played well against teams with good records, such as the Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals, which are all divisional teams.

The Browns remaining schedule is tough. If the Browns win three of these games, that will be a fine accomplishment. At 10 wins, that will probably put them into the playoffs. A 9-7 record will have the Browns in the playoff conversations, but tie-breakers will need to fall Cleveland's way.

  • Sun, Nov 30 at Buffalo 6-5
  • Sun, Dec 7 home vs Indianapolis 7-4
  • Sun, Dec 14 home vs Cincinnati 7-3-1
  • Sun, Dec 21 at Carolina 3-7-1
  • Sun, Dec 28 at Baltimore 7-4

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