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The NFL draft order is set for non-playoff teams

As usual, the Browns next NFL appearance will be at the draft. I think the upcoming draft will be on April 30, 2015. For the second year in a row, the Browns will have two first round draft picks. Unless the Browns wheel and deal again like in the 2014 draft, the Browns will draft at no. 12 and no. 19.


2015 NFL draft order

1. Buccaneers (2-14, .486 SOS)
Needs: A quarterback. Hard to envision Tampa Bay not taking either Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota.
2. Titans (2-14, .506 SOS)
Needs: Also QB. This draft seems to have the makings of Manning/Leaf and Luck/RG3. The focus will clearly be on the top QB prospects.
3. Jaguars (3-13, .514)
Needs: Appear to have strong QB of future in Blake Bortles, and wide receivers are young and proficient. May look to better protect Bortles with a tackle.
4. Raiders (3-13, .570)
Needs: Intriguing team actually has talent in spots. May opt to grab top WR Amari Cooper to pair with QB David Carr.
5. Redskins (4-12, .496)
Needs: There are many. The pass rush was weak, which exposed poor safety play. But a tackle to protect whoever ends up playing QB should also be on the list.
6. Jets (4-12, .543)
Needs: No matter who ends up coaching the Jets will be looking to bolster offensive line play and find a corner.
7. Bears (5-11, .529)
Needs: Defensive players who are actually good at playing defense. Opting for aging veterans hasn’t worked out.
8. Falcons (6-10, .482)
Needs: Another team that relied too heavily on older players on the defensive line, Atlanta will probably focus on defense.
9. Giants (6-10, .512)
Needs: Memories of the days when New York won with stingy defense were totally erased by the way the unit played this year. The pass rush, rush defense and secondary all need significant help.
10. Rams (6-10, .531)
Needs: Unlikely to find a QB at this spot, St. Louis could opt for a corner or offensive lineman.
11. Vikings (7-9, .475)
Needs: Helping QB Teddy Bridgewater will be a priority, either through a lineman or skill player.
12. Browns (7-9, .479)
Needs: May opt to move on from troubled WR Josh Gordon and attempt to find a pass catcher in the draft.
13. Saints (7-9, .486)
Needs: Another team that will look for a corner and pass rusher, it’s also a possibility they try to find an impact receiver to see if Drew Brees has one last run in him.
14. Dolphins (8-8, .512)
Needs: With Ryan Tannehill establishing himself as a solid QB, Miami will be in the market for a skill player or two to help him, as well as offensive line help. Also needs better linebacking play.
15. 49ers (8-8, .527)
Needs: San Francisco underachieved and actually has solid talent. QB Colin Kaepernick would benefit from a receiver or tight end who can make tough catches, as both Anquan Boldin and Vernon Davis are older.
16. Texans (9-7, .447)
Needs: Defensive end. Just kidding. Houston has J.J. Watt, which is enough. Offensive line or wide receiver is the likely pick.
*17/18. Chiefs (9-7, .512)
Needs: No Kansas City wide receiver scored a touchdown this year, and it wasn’t QB Alex Smith’s fault.
*17/18. Chargers (9-7, .512)
Needs: Likely will need to fill hole at CB but also failed to protect QB Philip Rivers well down the stretch. And he’s not going to suddenly get nimble in the pocket.
19. Browns, from Buffalo (9-7, .516)
Needs: Would it be possible to draft somebody who’s really good at stopping other players from partying?
20. Eagles (10-6, .490)
Needs: Philly’s secondary was an embarrassment. Both corner spots and one safety spot will likely be open. The linebackers weren’t much better.

*Will be decided by coin toss.

Picks 21-32 decided by playoff results

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