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Cleveland Browns - February 2015

Apparently, the Browns won't resign QB Brian Hoyer. According to https://twitter.com/TonyGrossi everyone else is an option: Sanchez, Bradford, McCown, etc. And how are these players better than Hoyer?

Manziel is receiving "treatment," and head coach Pettine said Manziel will be a changed person.

Who will the next starting QB throw to? The Browns top pass catchers in 2013 will not be playing for Cleveland in 2015. Gordon has been suspended for the entire season, and it's likely that the Browns will not resign Cameron.

Miles Austin will be the Browns best pass receiving option. Austin missed that last few games of the 2014 season due to an injury, and his absence hurt the Browns, in my opinion. Having Austin over Gordon is a better choice. At least Austin makes the effort. He's a dependable receiver.

The Browns defense was the worst team or nearly the worst team in the league for defending against the opponents running game.

Playoff team and divisional opponent the Bengals mauled the Browns at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball in a December game in Cleveland.

Over the past few years, the Browns have a horrible record over the last four games of the regular season. Cleveland finishes a season weakly.

Tony Grossi Feb 19, 2015 story

Early notes from Day 2 at the NFL Combine …

1. The Browns reportedly are more than $50 million under the projected salary cap for 2015, yet have not re-signed a single one of their own players eligible for free agency. When asked about the status of individual free agents-to-be, the standard response is, “It’s being discussed.” Here is more elaboration on tight end Jordan Cameron from coach Mike Pettine from Wednesday’s presser: “Jordan is a very good football player. Had a much better year two years ago. Obviously he had some setbacks injury-wise this year that affected his production. But that's certainly on the table being discussed. It still falls back to when you work in a cap environment, it's got to be the right player first, but just as important it's got to be the right price.”

2. Other potential Browns unrestricted free agents include quarterback Brian Hoyer, defensive tackles Ahtyba Rubin and Ishmaa’ily Kitchen, linebacker Jabaal Sheard, receiver Miles Austin and cornerback Buster Skrine. Of those, Skrine may be the highest priority in the minds of the Browns because of the uncertainty about Justin Gilbert as a result of his problematic rookie year.

3. In discussing his level of confidence that Gilbert will “get it right” in his second season, Pettine made some curious comments that left reporters scratching their heads. “I had a good meeting with him before he got out of town,” Pettine said. “It’s similar to what I said about (Johnny) Manziel before the end of the year. Words are one thing, actions are another. He was very resolute that he was going to go and get himself right. On the flip side, Johnny’s actions, you couldn’t ask for anything to speak more than what he’s done.” Pettine then was asked if he was referring to Gilbert’s maturation problems well-documented over his rookie season. “It’s more than (maturation). It’s very personal. I’m not going to get into details,” he said. Then the coach was asked if he was referring to something that came out his exit meeting with Gilbert. “It was not just at those meetings. It was ongoing,” he answered.

4. Linebacker Barkevious Mingo underwent surgery on his troublesome right shoulder recently, Pettine said. Mingo injured his right shoulder in the season opener in Pittsburgh, was inactive for Game 2 and then played the remaining 14 games wearing a harness that severely restricted movement of his right arm. “I know (the surgery) went well and don't have much else,” Pettine said. “I've seen him a few times around the building.”

5. The recovery of center Alex Mack’s broken leg appears to be on schedule for him to be completely ready for the start of training camp. Pettine said, “He’ll be able to do some things in the spring. If we hold him back, it’ll just for being cautious.”

Excerpts from another Feb 19 Grossi story

The Holy Grail (cont.): This is what Mike Pettine said about the Browns’ quarterback search at the NFL Combine:

“We’re going to do a lengthy evaluation on what’s available in the draft, what’s available in free agency, what’s on campus, and make that decision for what’s going to give us the best chance to win.”

Sorry, wrong year. That was in 2014.

Here’s what Pettine said one year later on Wednesday, in the same venue, on the same subject:

“We're going to weigh all our options here, we're going to weigh all our options in free agency. It's a position we're going to look to address. All options are on the table.”

So the Cleveland Quarterback Treadmill rolls on.

Here is a rundown of the options to be the Browns’ starting quarterback for the 2015 season:


1. Brian Hoyer:
2. Josh McCown:
3. Mark Sanchez:
4. Jake Locker:
5. Ryan Mallett:
6. Matt Moore:
7. Michael Vick:
8. Matt Schaub:


1. Sam Bradford:
2. Nick Foles:
3. Jay Cutler:
4. Kirk Cousins:
5. Mike Glennon:

Browns GM Ray Farmer said that he knew that it was against to rules to send text messages to coaches during the game.

Based upon that, the NFL needs to slam the Browns and Farmer hard with penalties. Everything:

  • Farmer suspended from attending some games
  • Browns fined a fee
  • Browns have a draft pick or picks taken away

If Farmer is that incompetent and arrogant, then how can Farmer help improve the Browns?

Clearly, Farmer bombed with the two first round draft picks in 2014, unless Manziel and Gilbert dramatically change their attitudes.


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