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Divers Search Flooded Cave In Thailand For 12 Missing Boys And Their Soccer Coach - 2018-06-25T14:23:00-04:00
They are thought to have entered the sprawling cave complex in Chiang Rai province on Saturday. Despite multiple failed search attempts, authorities remain hopeful they are still alive.

Pediatrician Who Exposed Flint Water Crisis Shares Her 'Story Of Resistance' - 2018-06-25T14:10:00-04:00
After warning of elevated lead levels in her patients in Flint, Mich., Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha faced a backlash: "The state said that I was an unfortunate researcher, that I was causing near-hysteria."

Little House On The Controversy: Laura Ingalls Wilder's Name Removed From Book Award - 2018-06-25T13:27:00-04:00
The Association for Library Service to Children voted unanimously to strike Wilder's name from a major children's lit award over concerns about how the author referred to Native Americans and blacks.

Ooh Zsa Zsa: Rescued Bulldog Wins Ugliest Dog Contest - 2018-06-25T11:09:00-04:00
Maybe it was the lolling tongue or the upward-thrusting chin or the drool. Whatever her secret, Zsa Zsa the English bulldog worked her magic and took home the title.

Supreme Court Says Texas Political Map Is Largely Not A Racial Gerrymander - 2018-06-25T10:27:19-04:00
The court said just one district is unconstitutional — House District 90. Justice Sonia Sotomayor issued a scathing dissent that was five pages longer than the majority opinion.

Pentagon To House Migrants At 2 Military Bases In Texas - 2018-06-25T09:16:00-04:00
Migrant families will be housed at Fort Bliss, an Army base outside El Paso, NPR's Tom Bowman reports. Unaccompanied migrant children will be housed at Goodfellow Air Force Base, outside San Angelo.

Casualty Of Trade Tensions: Harley-Davidson Shifting More Production Overseas - 2018-06-25T09:14:40-04:00
Harley-Davidson says new tariffs from the European Union are prompting the company to shift production of motorcycles sold in Europe overseas. The EU tariffs were in response to U.S. tariffs.

Red Meat Allergies Caused By Tick Bites Are On The Rise - 2018-06-25T05:01:00-04:00
If you are bitten by a Lone Star tick, you could develop an unusual allergy to red meat. And as this tick's territory spreads beyond the Southeast, the allergy seems to be spreading with it.

Pregnant Women: Avoid Soft Cheeses, But Do Get These Shots - 2018-06-25T05:01:00-04:00
Doctors want to remind moms to get certain vaccines while pregnant. Whooping cough in particular can be deadly for newborns, but only about 50 percent of pregnant women get the vaccine.

House Republicans Face Another Week Of Fighting Over Immigration - 2018-06-25T05:00:49-04:00
President Trump's mixed messages on immigration are making it difficult for Republicans on Capitol Hill to coalesce around legislation. House GOP leaders are still struggling with internal splits.

Do Trump's Endorsements Move Voters? Tuesday Will Test His Electoral Mojo - 2018-06-25T05:00:00-04:00
President Trump is campaigning for South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster ahead of Tuesday's primary, and he's also endorsed New York Rep. Dan Donovan. But both could still lose their primaries.

Turkey Elections: Erdogan Wins 2nd Term - 2018-06-25T02:43:00-04:00
Recep Tayyip Erdogan's victory ushers in a powerful new executive presidency eliminating the prime minister's role and granting the leader the ability to rule by decree and dissolve parliament.

Department Of Homeland Security Releases Plan To Reunify Families - 2018-06-24T18:58:16-04:00
Administration officials unveiled the plan to reunify families separated under the Trump administration's zero-tolerance policy, but offered few details on how and when reunifications would happen.

Donald Hall, Former Poet Laureate, Dies At 89 - 2018-06-24T18:03:26-04:00
Hall, the author of more than 40 books, died on Saturday at his family farm in the town of Wilmot, N.H.

A History Of The Department Of Education - 2018-06-24T17:27:58-04:00
President Trump wants to abolish the Education Department as a standalone agency. He's the latest Republican to try. NPR's Michel Martin looks back on the history with Alyson Klein of Education Week.

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