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'I Am Heartbroken': Your Letters About Public Service Loan Forgiveness - 2018-10-18T16:19:33-04:00
NPR reported on the troubled Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, and dozens of aggrieved student borrowers wrote in to share their stories.

Why Stay During A Hurricane? Because It's Not As Simple As 'Get Out' - 2018-10-18T15:45:51-04:00
As rescues continue after Hurricane Michael, officials expressed frustration at people who didn't evacuate. But experts say people's decisions to stay are almost always carefully considered.

In Japan, A Strange Sight: Cherry Blossoms Blooming In The Fall - 2018-10-18T15:41:00-04:00
"I have never seen anything like this," said tree surgeon Hiroyuki Wada. Two typhoons that recently struck the country are a likely cause of the sudden flowering.

Poll Finds Wide Partisan Gaps On America's Biggest Problems - 2018-10-18T15:16:55-04:00
A new Pew poll shows that there are few issues that Democrats and Republicans agree need to be fixed — and even then, they often don't agree on how to fix them.

Trump Intervened In FBI HQ Project To Protect His Hotel, Democrats Allege - 2018-10-18T14:45:28-04:00
The president has been personally involved with the future of the FBI's Pennsylvania Avenue headquarters building, and Democrats say it is an abuse of power intended to help his hotel up the street.

'Times' Journalists Puncture Myth Of Trump As Self-Made Billionaire - 2018-10-18T13:23:00-04:00
Investigative reporters Susanne Craig and David Barstow say the president received today's equivalent of $413 million from his father's real estate empire, through what appears to be tax fraud.

They Call Her 'Queen Of Dung' — And She Doesn't Mind - 2018-10-18T12:45:00-04:00
Millions of people burn animal dung for heating and cooking. To find out if the smoke can cause lung issues, researcher Claire McCarthy used some unorthodox methods.

U.N. Syria Envoy Staffan De Mistura Is Stepping Down - 2018-10-18T11:53:59-04:00
De Mistura told the U.N. Security Council he was leaving for "purely personal reasons." In his final month, he plans to make a major push to try to lay the groundwork for a new constitution in Syria.

Key Afghan Police Chief Dies in Kandahar Shooting; Top U.S. General Escapes Uninjured - 2018-10-18T11:02:00-04:00
Shooting broke out at the end of a meeting at the governor's palace in Kandahar on how to maintain security during in in Afghanistan's upcoming parliamentary elections.

Grandma Was Right: Sunshine Helps Kill Germs Indoors - 2018-10-18T10:51:00-04:00
All kinds of bacteria live with us indoors, and some can make us sick. A new study shows that rooms exposed to light had about half the live bacteria found in rooms that were kept in darkness.

As Brexit Deadlines Loom, May Says U.K. Considering A Longer Transition Period - 2018-10-18T09:42:00-04:00
EU leaders have called off a planned November summit on the next phase of Brexit discussions because of a lack of progress.

Bye-Bye, Beer? Brewers Say They've Got A Plan On Climate Change - 2018-10-18T08:02:00-04:00
A scientific paper published this week predicts climate change will send beer prices skyrocketing and drastically reduce the barley crop. It got tons of media attention. But is beer really doomed?

Amy Winehouse Hologram Expected To 'Tour' With A Backing Band - 2018-10-18T07:47:00-04:00
Proceeds from the concerts, featuring a holographic image of the deceased artist, would go to the Winehouse Foundation, which works to prevent drug and alcohol abuse in young people.

'Ruth Bader Ginsburg' Reminds Us Why The Justice Is A True Legal Icon - 2018-10-18T07:01:00-04:00
Jane Sherron De Hart's biography sheds light on personal and professional challenges Ginsburg faced on the way to the top and puts the Supreme Court justice's life in context.

Norway Apologizes To Women Who Faced Reprisals For Wartime Relations With Nazis - 2018-10-18T05:06:26-04:00
Women who had relationships with occupying German soldiers faced official retaliation after the war. "For many, this was just a teenage love," Prime Minister Erna Solberg said.

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