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memeorandum - 2019-05-24T09:46:51-04:00

New Trump administration rule would weaken protections for transgender people in health care (Washington Post) - 2019-05-24T09:45:01-04:00

These Republicans campaigned on a bold drug-pricing pledge. Since they won, they've gone silent (Lev Facher/STAT) - 2019-05-24T09:45:01-04:00

A stunning case of European hypocrisy (David Ignatius/Washington Post) - 2019-05-24T09:40:06-04:00

'That could have been me': 13-year-old on Guatemalan teen refugee who died in US custody (USA Today) - 2019-05-24T09:40:06-04:00

Pro-choice activists push reluctant Jerry Nadler to reveal secret Justice Kavanaugh abortion opinions ... (Michael McAuliff/New York Daily News) - 2019-05-24T09:40:06-04:00

WHOOPS: Giuliani Busted With Doctored Pelosi Video As He Tweets About Integrity (Ed Mazza/HuffPost) - 2019-05-24T09:30:01-04:00

Did We Learn Anything From Michael Avenatti? (Charles Sykes/The Bulwark) - 2019-05-24T09:20:01-04:00

IRS could be forced to release Trump's taxes in the heat of 2020 (Brian Faler/Politico) - 2019-05-24T09:20:01-04:00

Mike Pompeo explains the Trump Doctrine (Sohrab Ahmari/New York Post) - 2019-05-24T09:20:01-04:00

Are Americans benefiting from the strong economy - aside from the rich? A Fed report raises questions. (Andrew Van Dam/Washington Post) - 2019-05-24T09:15:01-04:00

Rep. Nadler: Robert Mueller wants to testify to Congress - but in private (Doha Madani/NBC News) - 2019-05-24T09:15:01-04:00

Rick Perry's greatest success in Trump's Washington: invisibility (Michael Warren/CNN) - 2019-05-24T09:15:01-04:00

Lawyer for Navy SEAL accused of war crimes also works for Trump Organization (Zachary Cohen/CNN) - 2019-05-24T09:05:01-04:00

Out-of-Control Hannity Thumbs His Nose at Fox News Bosses (Justin Baragona/The Daily Beast) - 2019-05-24T09:00:26-04:00

Women Have Most of Top Roles in Campaigns for Leading 2020 Democrats (Joshua Jamerson/Wall Street Journal) - 2019-05-24T08:55:01-04:00

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