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Nathan Glazer, Urban Sociologist and Outspoken Intellectual, Dies at 95 (Barry Gewen/New York Times) - 2019-01-19T20:55:02-05:00

Boys in 'Make America Great Again' Hats Mob Native Elder at Indigenous Peoples March (Sarah Mervosh/New York Times) - 2019-01-19T20:25:02-05:00

Trump offers immigration compromise to end partial shutdown; Dems cool to offer (Adam Shaw/Fox News) - 2019-01-19T20:05:02-05:00

Inside the Mueller team's decision to dispute BuzzFeed's explosive story on Trump and Cohen (Washington Post) - 2019-01-19T19:45:03-05:00

White students in MAGA gear crashed the Indigenous Peoples March and harassed participants (Amanda Sakuma/Vox) - 2019-01-19T19:35:00-05:00

U.S. diocese, school apologize after students mock Indigenous demonstrator (Associated Press) - 2019-01-19T19:25:00-05:00

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand speaks at Women's March in Iowa: 'We would change everything' (Armando Garcia/ABC News) - 2019-01-19T18:55:01-05:00

An expensive lesson in hubris for the United States (CNN) - 2019-01-19T18:25:06-05:00

Time to Break the Silence on Palestine (Michelle Alexander/New York Times) - 2019-01-19T18:15:03-05:00

Tony Mendez, 'Argo' spy who smuggled U.S. hostages out of Iran during crisis, dies at 78 (Harrison Smith/Washington Post) - 2019-01-19T18:05:00-05:00

Trump Offers Temporary Protections for 'Dreamers' in Exchange for Wall Funding (New York Times) - 2019-01-19T18:00:15-05:00

Henry Cuellar's Policy Preferences Could Destroy the World. But Then Again, He's a Really Nice Guy. (Kate Aronoff/The Intercept) - 2019-01-19T17:55:00-05:00

'Many People Are Trying to Divide Us': Thousands Attend Third Annual Women's March (Haaretz) - 2019-01-19T17:50:00-05:00

Here's Trump's latest offer to end the shutdown - and why Democrats aren't interested (Vox) - 2019-01-19T17:35:01-05:00

This Russian startup wants to put huge ads in space. Not everyone is on board with the idea. (Denise Chow/NBC News) - 2019-01-19T17:30:03-05:00

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