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Letter to the White House: Civil Rights Groups Call for Stephen Miller's Removal (The Leadership Conference ...) - 2019-11-19T16:35:00-05:00

Trump impeachment hearings live updates Day 3: Kurt Volker, Tim Morrison testify (ABC News) - 2019-11-19T16:20:03-05:00

'I have learned many things': Kurt Volker revises Ukraine testimony (Kyle Cheney/Politico) - 2019-11-19T16:10:00-05:00

Trump claims Pelosi trying to use trade deal to get votes on impeachment (Erica Werner/Washington Post) - 2019-11-19T16:05:06-05:00

POLITICO Playbook PM: Inside Part One of the impeachment hearing (Politico) - 2019-11-19T16:05:06-05:00

House Moves to Stave Off Another Government Shutdown (Emily Cochrane/New York Times) - 2019-11-19T16:05:06-05:00

Zelensky says everyone in Ukraine 'is so tired' with impeachment questions (Caitlin Oprysko/Politico) - 2019-11-19T15:55:02-05:00

Children are being locked away, alone and terrified, in schools across Illinois. Often, it's against the law. ( - 2019-11-19T15:45:01-05:00

114,000 Students in N.Y.C. Are Homeless. These Two Let Us Into Their Lives. (New York Times) - 2019-11-19T15:20:02-05:00

Florida woman who threw drink at GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz sentenced to 15 days (Elisha Fieldstadt/NBC News) - 2019-11-19T15:20:02-05:00

Democrats on Abortion: Safe, Legal, and Unlimited (Alexandra DeSanctis/National Review) - 2019-11-19T15:20:02-05:00

'I don't know what to believe' is an unpatriotic cop-out. Do better, Americans. (Margaret Sullivan/Washington Post) - 2019-11-19T14:55:00-05:00

The collapse of the information ecosystem poses profound risks for humanity (Lydia Polgreen/The Guardian) - 2019-11-19T14:45:15-05:00

Vindman Just Admitted To Leaking To The Anti-Trump Whistleblower (Tristan Justice/The Federalist) - 2019-11-19T14:45:15-05:00

Impeachment hearings live updates Day 3: Alexander Vindman, Jennifer Williams testify (ABC News) - 2019-11-19T14:40:01-05:00

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