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Jeanine Pirro Rips Democrats: ‘Are You Folks Schizo…Or You Just Don’t Give a Damn?’ - 2019-01-20T02:38:23+00:00

Sarah Sanders Reacts to Pelosi Saying White House Leaked Travel Plans: ‘That’s Outrageous’ - 2019-01-20T01:49:38+00:00

Stormy Daniels Rips MAGA Hat-Wearing Teens Who Mobbed Native Elder: ‘Disgusting Punks’ - 2019-01-20T01:19:10+00:00

Grammy-Winning Singer Says Performing for Trump Inauguration Ball Bombed Her Career - 2019-01-20T00:51:31+00:00

Indigenous Peoples March Spox Speaks Out After Teens Mob Native Elder: ‘Trump is Giving License’ to This Behavior - 2019-01-20T00:15:30+00:00

MSNBC Guest Derisively Refers to Mike Pence as ‘Jesus Whisperer’ - 2019-01-19T23:12:01+00:00

Fox News Anchor Baffled By Trump’s Claims About Border: ‘It’s Very Difficult’ to Fact Check Him - 2019-01-19T22:33:24+00:00

KY Catholic High School Plans to Investigate After MAGA Hat Wearing Students Taunt Native American Elder - 2019-01-19T22:33:11+00:00

‘I Am a N****r’: Outrage at OU After Sorority Member Films Racist Blackface Video - 2019-01-19T22:21:27+00:00

Ann Coulter Shreds Trump’s Wall Proposal: ‘We Voted for Trump and Got Jeb!’ - 2019-01-19T21:57:09+00:00

Trump Offers Democrats DACA Deal in Exchange For $5.7 Billion in ‘See-Through Steel Barriers’ - 2019-01-19T21:33:27+00:00

Laura Loomer Rushes Women’s March Stage and Grabs Speaker’s Mic: ‘What About the Jews?!’ - 2019-01-19T21:10:48+00:00

WATCH LIVE: Trump Makes ‘Major Announcement’ on Immigration and the Government Shutdown - 2019-01-19T20:38:54+00:00

Fmr FBI Official: FBI Tried to Keep ‘Progressives and Socialists Out of Office’ Long After Saying Otherwise - 2019-01-19T20:30:05+00:00

Laura Ingraham Mocks, Imitates Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Accent: ‘She Doesn’t Sound Like Minnesota’ - 2019-01-19T20:20:57+00:00

BuzzFeed Doubles Down on Michael Cohen Story: ‘We’ve Re-Confirmed Our Reporting’ - 2019-01-19T19:55:21+00:00

Advertisers Flee Ben Shapiro in Wake of Criticism Over ‘Baby Hitler’ Comments - 2019-01-19T19:04:47+00:00

Video of MAGA Hat Wearing Teens Taunting Native American Vietnam Vet Goes Viral, Sparking Outrage - 2019-01-19T18:29:14+00:00

NFL Player Marshawn Lynch Calls Trump a ‘Motherf*cker’ on Real Time: He Says ‘A Lot of Sh*t’ - 2019-01-19T18:06:34+00:00

New Report Reveals Trump’s Proposed Border Wall Compromise With Democrats - 2019-01-19T18:02:14+00:00

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