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Garden notes for late june and early july 2016

mon, june 27, 2016 :
- set up 3.5 foot by 3.5 foot garden on our concrete driveway, using store-bought plastic framing that Mom and Dad bought for me as a Father's Day gitf.
- i created a soil mix by using items from Black Diamond Nursery, including vermiculite

Wed, June 29: i planted green beans in the square on the concrete driveway. i planted them close together in rows. i will need to thin after they sprout. the rows are close together too.

i continue to pick lettuce twice a week. the volume has decreased. it's nearing the end.

mon, july 4: i removed all of the pea plants from the middle rectangle. i harvested what peas were available. if i try this next year, i will plant only six rows instead of 12, and i will make sure to install fencing soon after the peas sprout.

also on mon, july 4, i snapped off three sweet potato stalks from the two potato halves that have been growing in Styrofoam cups inside for weeks. i don't remember when i started these. In May, at least.

one stalk that had a lot of roots was over 12 inches tall. i planted it in a container outside. i added a little Espoma fertilizer to the container.

i placed the other two stalks in a jar of water. they need to sprout their own roots, which should only take a few days. then i can plant them outside in their own containers.

on mon, july 4, i move three tomato plants from indoors to a larger container outside. i also added some espoma fertilizer to the container.

i started tomato plants indoors at least in May. i used seeds that Dad gave me. the seeds came from his backyard tomatoes from last year.

six tomato plants were growing indoors across three styrofoam cups. but for a month or more, the plants have seemed to stall, growth-wise. they seem to remain at the same height of four to six inches.

this is why i moved three plants outdoors to see if they will grow faster. the other three remain inside.

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