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Barney's Thu, Oct 20, 2016 Vet Visit

On Thursday morning, October 20, 2016, Barney visited Graber's Animal Hospital, located at Secor and Laskey.

Barney has a torn cruciate ligament in his back, right knee. Unsure if it's the anterior cruciate or the posterior cruciate.

On Sun, Oct 16, Deb cleaned the basement. She said that she went up and down the stairs many times, and Barney followed Deb constantly. Normally, Barney rarely goes to the basement. But Barney uses the stairs to the second floor often.

When I arrived home Sunday evening from a trip to my hometown, I noticed Barney moving about on three legs. He kept the back right leg pulled up.

No improvement occurred on Monday and Tuesday, which meant that the issue was probably not a muscle strain. I figured that it might be a ligament or a tendon problem.

On Wednesday morning, I called Graber's to make an appointment. First availability was Thursday morning.

On Thursday morning, it appeared to me that Barney was stretching the leg out more, touching the ground and putting a little more weight on it. But mostly, he continued to move on three legs.

And he can get around pretty well on three legs. He moves fast. He traverses the steps quickly. He's not complaining. At least it's not obvious. He could be in pain, but he's hiding it well. I would think that he would be in pain if he has a torn ligament.

My notes from the vet visit:

  • weight: 23 pounds and 4 ounces
  • he has severe gingivitis. he needs a teeth cleaning.
  • will try anti-inflammatory medicine for two weeks.
    • give half a pill once a day with food.
    • half-pill can be crushed and mixed with food or food can be wrapped around it.
  • hopefully, scar tissue will form to stabilize the knee.
  • large dogs would need surgery immediately.
  • if Barney shows little to improvement after two weeks, then surgery will be recommended.
  • Dr. Graber said the ligament will never heal.
  • Dr. Graber also prescribed a joint supplement. sample. Barney has or will have arthritis.
    • give whole pill once a day for 4 weeks. it's like a treat.
  • Dr. Graber sternly ordered no stairs and no jumping for Barney. This will be difficult to control.
  • next appointment is scheduled for Thursday, November 3, 2016 at 9:30 a.m.

I didn't ask the doctor if something could be used over the next two weeks to stabilize and immobilize the knee, such as an Ace bandage wrap that might encourage Barney NOT to use that leg as much as he would like and tries.

When riding in the car to and from the vet, Barney stood and looked out the window for most of the short trip. He placed a little weight on the bum leg, but at times, he also raised it a little and stood on one leg with his front paws resting on the card door.

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