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Links about the open web and silos

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Making matters worse, these social silo readers have typically, if not uniformly, turned off all external access to their own RSS feeds long ago. If you want to read content in Facebook, you have to log in and have an account and participate there directly, you cannot just subscribe to five peoples’ content via RSS and read it anywhere you want. This monopolistic behavior is exactly the reason we call them silos. Content goes in, but doesn’t come back out.






from https://chat.indieweb.org/2017-07-11

here's a problem with using a cms-hosted solution for maintaining a personal website. tumblr may deactivate or recycle a username (name.tumblr.com) if the owner has not posted in a while. #indieweb #hosting - better to choose a server-hosted solution #blogging
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JR: apparently a tumblr email to an author: "It's been a while since you've been on Tumblr, and we wanted to make sure that you're still interested in using the username [username]. If so, just hit this button:"
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JR: "If not, you don't have to do anything. If we don't hear from you within two weeks, we'll just give you a temporary username and release your old one back into the wild."
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JR: "You can come back and change your temporary name to whatever you want, whenever you’re ready. Your content will all still be here when you get back."
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algorithm controls what readers see. anti-open web.



is it anti-open web if authors cannot custom their websites and individual article pages? this is a problem with a cms-hosted solution.



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