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Static site generators

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http://staticgen.com/ - a list of apps that are used to create static sites.

It's odd that people, or more specifically, geeks, enjoy this method of writing to the web, which seems more difficult to produce content versus apps that use a database.

Static is nice for handling heavy traffic, but only a tiny percentage of users will receive that much traffic.

Static may also be nice on a low budget server setup, like back in 2001-2003 when I blogged at a free Hypermart account, using the static site blogging tool called Greymatter.

Better security also gets championed as a reason to use static site generators.

For sites that are infrequently updated, then a static page generator may be okay.

I like the database because it makes life easier, in my opinion, especially when the site/app is used as a life stream recording tool where frequent posting is the norm.

I'm not sure, but it seems that some or most static site generators can only be operated from a desktop or laptop setup. I wonder how many permit creating and updating content from a smartphone?

I often post to JotHut from my iPhone.

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