CMS based upon a file system and not a database

I wouldn't want to write something new. So, what, then? SQLite, LevelDB, Kyoto Cabinet? None of the above -- I'd use the file system.

My rough design was something fairly obvious: tables are folders. Objects are files. And each table gets one special file for scalars. (I'd want to use JSON for the scalars file, probably, but JSON doesn't have a date type. Not sure what I'd do.)

Machines are easily fast enough these days (especially with SSD drives). A few more benefits:

  • GitHub! As you've found. (Or Mercurial, Subversion, etc.)
  • No need to save the database or save a copy.
  • No database size limit.
  • Corruption is less likely.

A weird -- but possibly interesting -- side effect is that you could treat any folder on your hard drive as an object database.

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