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Blogging tools - August 2013

Mainly newer options. These are hosted suggestions. Obviously, a ton of software is available to download and install.

Article: http://www.fastcolabs.com/3015250/what-to-think-about-when-you-choose-a-blog-tool

Suggestions from the article:

A few others that I can think of:

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Feature about Postach.io :

Inspired by the ease of Tumblr, rolling a Postach.io theme is as easy as creating a single HTML page with inline CSS. We include the technical stuff like Google Analytics, Disqus commenting and share buttons.

Feature about Postagon

Posts marked as private in the editor will not appear on your public blog. Only those who know the link to it (e.g. through sharing it via email) will be able to view it. This makes it a quick & easy way to share some thoughts to a select group of people.

Ones I want to read more about:

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