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There are a number of websites and services to which Draft can natively publish, including Wordpress, Reddit, {third example}. If there's a place we don't already post, you can use this to publish data securely to wherever you have access. Just add a URL and we'll POST your document's content to that URL.

If you'd like to test the WebHook, RequestBin is a great tool to use.

Here's an example of the JSON data we'll POST to your WebHook URL.

    "id": your_document_id,
    "name": "The Name of your Document",
    "content": "The plain-text markdown of your document",
    "content_html": "Your document rendered as HTML",
    "user": {
        id: 1, 
        email: 'usersemail@example.com'
    "created_at": "2013-05-23T14:11:54-05:00",
    "updated_at": "2013-05-23T14:11:58-05:00"
This is sent as a POST with a single parameter: 'payload'. If you return a Location header when Draft calls your WebHook, we'll store the Location as a "Published" link inside Draft.

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