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Web-based publishing platforms that I've created

(unnamed code base) - ToledoTalk.com version 1 - Jan 2003 to Aug 2007
Basic message board that listed posts by the order the posts were created, youngest to oldest, like a blog. Copied looked and features from MetaFilter.com

Parula - ToledoTalk.com version 2 - Dec 2005 to present
Brand new code base. Added wiki features. It became the main site for ToledoTalk in August 2007. Its look has changed multiple times. In 2009 or 2010, it acted more like a traditional message where posts were displayed in order of last comment or post date. But the home page looked similar to Reddit, full screen width with a narrow right-hand column for other links. Then in early 2013, the look changed more to its current look: responsive web design, mobile-friendly, narrow single column. In early 2014, a new mobile menu feature was added along with a fixed nav bar for mobile.

Kestrel - JotHut.com - Feb 2013 to approx Jun 203. Decided to change things a bit, started over somewhat, and changed the code's name. So Kestrel was scrapped.

Junco - JotHut.com - Summer 2013 to present. Borrowed a lot of code from Kestrel, but some features were removed, and new features were added. This also borrowed code/ideas from Parula, including the wiki features. This is actually a community app, supporting multiple users. Users can post short reply posts, follow users, and follow tags. But I operate JotHut.com as a personal publishing site for all things minutia, but worthwhile to me.

Kinglet - Soupmode.com - December 2013 to present. Simple, private messaging app that is part email, part message board, and part microblog. "Publishing" is probably the wrong term, but familiarity with those other services make Kinglet easier to understand. New message threads can be one to one or one to many. Replies automatically go to everyone on the original recipient list. API-based, using REST and JSON.

Grebe - MakeToledo.com and BirdBrainsBrewing.com - Summer 2014 to present. Simpler, scaled-down blogging/publishing tool, compared to Junco. Grebe is API-based, using REST and JSON. I began development of Grebe in mid April 2014, and I started with the API, using test scripts. Once I had the API code in place, then I built the web interface code that interacts with a user's browser.

Scaup - Early 2015 - Uses CouchDB as the data store.

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