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JR: My Web Apps as of March 2016 - Screenshots of My Web Apps Parula - - message board with wiki and blog features. 2005. Junco - - community site with social networking (following), wiki, and bl... more>> 3 min read
- May 24, 2016 - #blogging #wiki #messaging #memex #forums #web #programming

JR: Twitter's Complexity - Twitter's Missing Manual - ( related HN thread It takes thousands of words to explain how to use a service that permits only 140 characters. This is a space that is ripe for disruption. Someone or something could create a much simpler "disc... more>> 4 min read
- Feb 27, 2016 - #socialmedia #forums #design #humor #moronism #blog_jr

JR: Prediction about comment sections for 2016 - Dec 2015 Its time to stop using the c-word. The comment section has moved in peoples minds from being an empty box on a website into a viper-filled pit of hell. We need to start again. We need to do better. Indeed because your "viper-filled ... more>> 4 min read
- Dec 18, 2015 - #forums #comments #blogging #media #design

JR: Types of web apps that interest me - Listed in no particular order: message board wiki blog private messaging memex outliner I've not created an outliner too, but Dave Winer's commentary on the app is interesting. #wiki - #blogging - #forums - #messaging - #memex - #outliner
- Jun 16, 2015

JR: Web-based publishing platforms that I've created - (unnamed code base) - version 1 - Jan 2003 to Aug 2007 Basic message board that listed posts by the order the posts were created, youngest to oldest, like a blog. Copied looked and features from Parula - more>> 2 min read
- Mar 03, 2015 - #web #programming #blogging #api #forums

JR: My Jul 8, 2014 comment - McCaskey: "What's right is right, and the word-twisting is something the local daily-haters would accuse it of doing in a blink if given the opportunity." You're comparing the Toledo Blade and Toledo Talk. Do you understand the difference between a ... more>> 1 min read
- Feb 25, 2015 - #forums #toledo #media #moronism

JR: Toledo Talk content display options - blog view: recent changes to articles or thread posts: recent activity: all threads: chat: #forums - #toledotalk
- Jan 02, 2015

JR: Facebook Rooms forums app - Announced on Oct 23, 2014. Mobile app only. Message boards created and moderated by individual users. Contributors to each forum are invited to participate via QR codes. Thoughts #mob... more>>
- Oct 24, 2014 - #mobile #forums #app

JR: My August 2005 thoughts about creating a wiki for the Toledo area - (my Aug 19, 2005 comment ) Everyone satisfied so I can delete this topic too? Maybe I should leave this topic as a reminder about posting to the front page. I'm not discouraging front page posting. I simply want the info organized as ... more>> 1 min read
- Oct 21, 2014 - #forums #blogging #wiki #toledotalk

JR: Forum Software - October 2014 - Gazillions of forums software exist, dating back to the 1990s, but I'm only listing relatively new ones that interest me. more>>
- Oct 06, 2014 - #forums #opensource

JR: My thoughts on accepting user-contributed content - April 2014 - At Toledo Talk, users can create only one account per email address. Even though users can modify their email addresses through their profile pages, the original email addresses that they used to create the accounts are stored in a separate database ... more>> 3 min read
- Oct 05, 2014 - #forums #comments

JR: The top features for community sites are users and their content - Whatever they are called ... social media social networks forums / message boards community blogs ... these sites accept user-generated content, and most likely, these sites host discussions on that content. Here's a fine comment in this threa... more>> 2 min read
- Oct 03, 2014 - #socialnetwork #socialmedia #forums #blogging #design #reading #writing #blog_jr

JR: Ello Manifesto - September 2014 - Ello is a new social networking site that launched in July 2014. Your social network is owned by advertisers. Every post you share, every friend you make and every link you follow is tracked, recorded and converted into ... more>>
- Sep 25, 2014 - #startup #socialmedia #forums

JR: Apparently, some Toledo Blade journalists would like to see disappear - paulhem wrote on Jul 7, 2014: As one of The Blade's editors told me recently, "You may not like us, but you can't ignore us." Would that be one of the journos who would like to see this site go away? paulhem wrote on Jun 22, 2014: A lot (not ... more>> 1 min read
- Jul 07, 2014 - #toledo #forums #media #moronism

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