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My Jul 8, 2014 ToledoTalk.com comment


McCaskey: "What's right is right, and the word-twisting is something the local daily-haters would accuse it of doing in a blink if given the opportunity."

You're comparing the Toledo Blade and Toledo Talk. Do you understand the difference between a for-profit media org with layers of editorial bureaucracy that holds private meetings with local politicians and a hobby message board that costs $12 per month to operate?

Nolan: "Most don't read and don't care."

Paul: "... it would probably disappear if we just ignored it."

Paul: "I give the site more credibility by even recognizing that it exists. One of two actually were angry about it."

Clear as mud.

This site stops accepting new contributions when I lose interest in it and not because some thing chooses to ignore it. In the past year, I've created several other websites/web apps that garner more time from me than Toledo Talk. Tastes change. You can infer the obvious from that. I doubt the site will last long enough to see Opal Covey elected mayor of Toledo in 2017.

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