Media littering our neighborhood

(My Jan or Feb 2014 comment at about the Toledo Blade and the Toledo Free Press delivering papers and ads in plastic bags to our driveways.)

"It has been so hit or miss over the years it is actually rather comical at this point. It will be delivered for about two weeks then nothing for six months."


"I somehow got a frozen blue Blade adver-spam package ..."


"You can get the TFP delivered to your home?"

Maybe you can get it delivered, but we occasionally get these things littered on our driveway. And I don't request these items.

If a police officer sees me toss a plastic bag of whatever out the window of my vehicle, I think that I could be fined for littering. But somehow local media orgs are exempt from this.

Toledo Municipal Code - Garbage, Rubbish and Litter

As a reminder, don't forget that web thing. It's another option for accessing media. No paper and plastic to discard.

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