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My August 2005 thoughts about creating a wiki for the Toledo area

(my Aug 19, 2005 ToledoTalk.com comment )

Everyone satisfied so I can delete this topic too? Maybe I should leave this topic as a reminder about posting to the front page. I'm not discouraging front page posting. I simply want the info organized as easily as possibly allowed by this app. Two Taft topics two days apart about his court appearance or being charged makes it confusing to decide which one to comment in and which one to refer to at a later time.

Blogs or message boards, unlike wikis, don't allow for good organization of info. Catagories or tags in blogs don't provide the same kind of taxonomy available in a wiki app. They're designed differently. One isn't better than the other. Both are good and have their purpose. Wikis are good for updating and aggregating information, while blogs or message boards are good for discussing current events.

I've thought about adding a wiki area to this site, where logged-in users could add, edit, and update information about northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan, I mean Lake Erie West. It would sort of be a mini Wikipedia or encyclopedia of just our area where the users are the content providers.

Some people may not be interested in discussing or debating issues on a message board, but they may be interested in sharing their knowledge about this area. In a wiki, no single user owns any of the content. It's sharable. If I started a wiki page on the history of the Swan Creek area in downtown Toledo, I would expect many others to edit the page and contribute info and correct mistakes.

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