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Apparently, some Toledo Blade journalists would like to see ToledoTalk.com disappear

paulhem wrote on Jul 7, 2014:

As one of The Blade's editors told me recently, "You may not like us, but you can't ignore us."

Would that be one of the journos who would like to see this site go away?

paulhem wrote on Jun 22, 2014:

A lot (not all) of the journos at The Blade hate that I post here. Frankly, they feel that this site would just go away and that - don't hit me for this - I give the site more credibility by even recognizing that it exists. One of two actually were angry about it.

Tech tip of the day: Install a browser that permits entry of other URLs.

Curious about this part: "... they feel that this site would just go away."

Was that sentiment expressed mainly by journos over the age of 40, or did some 20-somethings also express that wish?

The obvious question, however, is "Why?" would they want a tiny message board to go away?

It's fascinating that people who work for an org that's part of the freedom of press would like to see other voices squashed. Actually, it's disturbing. And hilarious.

That's why I asked the ageist question because it sounds like the opinions of "old" journalists from the print era.

The web eliminated the gatekeepers of information, and I know that bothers many in the media biz, so I assume that the angry journos would like to see the entire web go away, correct? Or at least the web that's beyond their control should disappear.

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