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JR: Thoughts about web trolls - Spring 2013 - (I made this post at in March 2013, and it appears that I my writing contained some old-fashioned spunkiness.) Another user wrote: "At least a troll will usually state their true feelings and not give you some text book politically c... more>> 3 min read
- May 27, 2014 - #comments #forums #blogging #web #blog_jr

JR: Allowing or disallowing comments on blogs - Mar 19, 2014 - Coding Horror - Please Read The Comments In 2006 I said that a blog without comments is not a blog and I stand behind that statement. Since no official standard exists to define a "blog," the above sentiment is obviously personal,... more>> 3 min read
- Apr 13, 2014 - #blogging #forums #comments #design #blog_jr

JR: Views on Social Network Anonymity - "For me, its nothing more than what you would see etched on a bathroom wall." - Mark Suster, venture capitalist "People use Facebook to say all kinds of terrible things. It really just depends on who is in your network." - Christopher Poole, 4chan f... more>> 6 min read
- Mar 19, 2014 - #socialnetworking #messaging #forums #anonymity #blog_jr

JR: 86 percent of Internet users don't create content - June 25, 2013 - Potluck Is A New Link-Sharing Service For The Internets Lurkers Who Dont Tweet Or Blog If, according to the Internets 1 percent rule, only a small minority will activity participate in content creation (as with Branch), then thin... more>> 3 min read
- Mar 03, 2014 - #socialmedia #blogging #forums #bookmarking #blog_jr

JR: Web-based discussions are superior to radio discussions - That's stating the obvious. Below is my Jan or Feb 2014 comment posted at #todo find the link to my comment. (Another user said:) "Fred - why not invite AC down to speak on behalf of the residents who so far have chosen not to repre... more>> 1 min read
- Mar 03, 2014 - #todo #forums #web #radio #blog_jr

JR: display change, Jan 23, 2014 - New changes were made on the week of Jan 20, 2014, and moved into production on the evening of Jan 23, 2014. A user started a thread about the changes on Jan 24. Here's my response: gamegrrl, you must have been using an old, unsupported view of... more>> 3 min read
- Mar 03, 2014 - #toledotalk #design #forums #blog_jr

JR: More about comments and anonymity - My Jan 2014 comment at Here are a couple other "studies:" July 2011 - If your website is full of assholes, it's your fault If you run a website, you need to follow these steps. if you don't, you're making the web, and the wo... more>> 1 min read
- Mar 03, 2014 - #comments #forums #socialmedia #anonymity #blog_jr

JR: Network News in a Box - 2007 - Reading through this Toledo Talk post from October 2007 titled Reporting on the San Diego County fires, saw this section Network News in a Box and found this unused open, wiki That wiki's home page was munged, but it w... more>> 4 min read
- Mar 03, 2014 - #sandiegofire #forums #wiki #socialmedia #government #blog_jr

JR: Facebook growth chart - (My January 2011 posting at September 2010 posting at This chart shows Facebooks growth in new users from 2004 to 2010 based on data provided by I was looking all over the internet for this chart and... more>> 2 min read
- Jan 29, 2014 - #socialmedia #forums

JR: Thoughts about creating a community site - (My 2009 posting at Aug 30, 2009 Update: This is a mish-mash of thoughts from a couple e-mails. It will take me a while to expand and organize this info, so I see no point in reading this now. {{Underconstruction}} I wrote the... more>> 9 min read
- Jan 29, 2014 - #technology #forums #socialmedia #local #design #programming #blog_jr

JR: Online Communities - (My early 2012 comment at I believe Orkut was Google's first attempt at social networking several years ago. It didn't take off here, but it got popular elsewhere, like South America. LiveJournal was/is an early blogging network th... more>> 3 min read
- Jan 15, 2014 - #socialmedia #forums #blogging #blog_jr

JR: Views on Forums and Facebook in 2013 - May 2013 - post - The Facebook experiment has failed. Lets go back. We need to go back to smaller communities. Where people arent lost in the mediocre averages of large networks. Thats where ideas flourish. Hacker News discussion ... more>>
- Jan 15, 2014 - #socialmedia #forums #blog_jr

JR: January 2013 articles about commenting systems - (initial content below was copied from my post and then added to in Nov 2013) Stories about: whether to allow comments whether to use Facebook comments or some other system anonymity or real names -- -- -- ol... more>> 13 min read
- Jan 15, 2014 - #forums #blogging #socialmedia #anonymity #comments #blog_jr

JR: Web-based communication and businesses - Excerpts from my Oct 2, 2013 comment posted in this Toledo Talk thread titled Major Appliance Help "No social scientist would ever think of making conclusions ..." Maybe not social scientists, but consumers might. Who is the Appliance Center try... more>>
- Oct 02, 2013 - #web #forums #socialmedia #business #blog_jr

JR: Commenting system ideas - September 2013: annotations instead of comments commenting weather #forums - #comments
- Sep 25, 2013

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