Web-based communication and businesses

Excerpts from my Oct 2, 2013 comment posted in this Toledo Talk thread titled Major Appliance Help

"No social scientist would ever think of making conclusions ..."

Maybe not social scientists, but consumers might.

Who is the Appliance Center trying to sell to: social scientists or consumers?

I trust the comments made by users in this thread about their experiences at Appliance Center, and those comments may dictate my future shopping choices. That's business.

Due to the many comments posted at Toledo Talk over the years, I've been clued into other businesses, places, activities, events, etc.

I have selfishly benefited from the Web because of users sharing their anecdotal experiences and opinions, which has been helpful to those of us who are transplants to this region.

Sorry to inform the dinosaurs about this, but Internet-based communication has been a valid form of communication for many years.

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