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JR: Full service car wash at Russ' Auto Wash - We live in West Toledo, and we use Russ' Auto Wash, located at Secor and Laskey, which provides interior and exterior cleaning options. Russ' Auto Wash has been providing auto wash services in the Toledo area over sixty years. Two locations prov... more>>
- Sep 12, 2016 - #toledo #local #business

JR: Toledo newspaper history - A few snippets, not an exhaustive story. The Toledo News Bee is a defunct newspaper that served Toledo, Ohio and much of northwestern Ohio in the early part of the 20th century. It was formed from the 1903 merger of The Toledo News andThe Toled... more>> 7 min read
- Jul 26, 2016 - #toledo #media #history #local #blog_jr

JR: Content Sections for Local Media - July 2016 The New European - a cosmopolitan, optimistic, intelligent and expansive collection of news, analysis, voices, sport, culture, business, travel and the arts - celebrates the best of Europe. July 22, 2016 Time Inc. reorganizes ma... more>>
- Jul 22, 2016 - #local #media #business

JR: Creating a local media org - May 2016 - I would focus on: news and politics arts and entertainment food outdoors technology #local #media #business
- May 26, 2016

JR: Local honey - We buy most of our honey from the Phoenix Earth Food Co-op, which sells at least two options, produced by local farmers who have their beehives in and around Toledo. The product sold in the glass jar is relatively new at the co-op. I mainly buy... more>> 1 min read
- May 19, 2016 - #food #business #health #local #nature #insect #toledo #blog_jr

JR: Using other services to create a local media org - March 2016 - Video storage to allow videos to be embedded into blog posts: Vimeo YouTube Image storage to allow images to be embedded into blog posts: Flickr Video livestream: Facebook Live Twitter's Periscope Photo and short video storage and/or ... more>> 1 min read
- Mar 10, 2016 - #media #blogging #video #socialmedia #local

JR: Google AMP and Facebook's Instant Articles info - late Jan 2016 - Jan 26, 2016 and other media stories. #local - #media - #socialmedia - #design - #mobile
- Jan 26, 2016

JR: Checklist for sharing information during a crisis - Google Crisis Response Website Excerpts from a Google doc titled: How your information can be quickly widely distributed in a crisis Audience Individuals and organizations (e.g., government, nonprofit, schools, utilities) with information impo... more>> 8 min read
- Jan 22, 2016 - #emergency #collaboration #communication #local

JR: Berkeleyside - Hyperlocal news site - Dec 2015 - "The community was reporting on itself, and we were live-blogging. We can be spontaneous and react to a situation." In fact, its what many consumers now expect - news that appears almost instantaneously, as events unfold at home or across the world.... more>> 3 min read
- Dec 18, 2015 - #media #local

JR: Hyperlocal Journalism or Local Blogging Networks - Jul 15, 2014 - NY Times - Blog Sites Unite: Brooklyn, Weve Got You Covered Excerpts from this interesting story about blogging being used as hyperlocal journalism. What makes their approach different, they say, has to do with providing service j... more>> 3 min read
- Oct 23, 2014 - #local #blogging #media #blog_jr

JR: Local media project ideas - As usual, I think about copying large scale projects for use at local level. For paid subscribers: localized version of Wikipedia with all content from the same media outlet such as toledo blade which has a vast treasure of content. - desi... more>>
- Aug 01, 2014 - #media #local #design #mobile #app

JR: Local sweet corn thoughts - The best time to eat sweet corn is immediately after it's picked, or as close as possible to the day that it was picked. The starches or whatever in the sweet corn that make it taste great start to go bad soon after it's picked. I think that's wha... more>> 2 min read
- Jul 19, 2014 - #Toledo #farming #local #food

JR: Taking coffee seriously - November 2002 - (my blog post from Friday, November 22, 2002) Coffee Measure Tests Berkeleys Taste for Fair Trade Local coffee shops won out over small Central American farmers as voters overwhelmingly rejected the closely watched Fair Trade coffee initiative. Me... more>>
- Jul 18, 2014 - #politics #business #activism #local #beverage #coffee #environment #moronism

JR: Creating and curating local news - New startup idea. Another story about new ways of creating and sharing local news and information. Excerpts from the lengthy and interesting story. The 46-year-old New York native is planning to spend somewhere in the mid six figures in the nex... more>> 3 min read
- Jul 15, 2014 - #media #local #startup #advertising #business #blog_jr

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