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JR: TT thread about "Fast Food workers demanding $15/hr" - Aug 28, 2013 thread. My only thought: It might be fast, but it ain't food. If the strikes disrupt business, the U.S. obesity rate might slow a little. It's an odd time to strike when everywhere in the U.S. now has local produce in... more>>
- Nov 10, 2017 - #business #food #health #politics

JR: Smoking ban supporters are feeble - (My post that I created in July 2008) A side issue in a July 2008 thread about the Mexican restaurant called El Camino Real. Begin rant : Time to go off-kilter and revisit an old favorite topic even though it's all been said befor... more>> 3 min read
- Nov 10, 2017 - #politics #health #moronism #quote

JR: Junk food needs sin-taxed and banned - (My July 2008 comment in a thread about proposed junk food ban in California.) Well, it's about time. We need sin taxes and bans on junk food just like tobacco. Naturally, someone will argue that "A person gulping down a Big Mac does... more>> 3 min read
- Nov 10, 2017 - #food #health #politics #moronism

JR: Tt post aug 17, 2016 - As mentioned above: [PH2] said the law could create entrepreneurial opportunities for people to become inspectors. A local official will probably claim that Toledo could become the Silicon Valley or the Saudi Arabia of lead inspectors. Also fro... more>>
- Aug 17, 2016 - #quote #toledo #politics #moronism #humor #health

JR: Dental advice from a Dentist - From RK on Facebook Well, we are spending another morning knee deep in molars! So, why the next patient is getting numb, let me take 30 seconds to give you all some advice. If you want to avoid lots of big filling in your future: 1) brush after me... more>> 2 min read
- Jun 15, 2016 - #health

JR: Plant-based sources of protein - From a handout that I picked up from somewhere that promoted a vegan diet. I think that I got this handout from the University Church in Toledo. I could see using a vegetarian diet but not vegan because I could not give up honey and wearing wool cl... more>>
- May 19, 2016 - #todo #food #health #recipe

JR: Local honey - We buy most of our honey from the Phoenix Earth Food Co-op, which sells at least two options, produced by local farmers who have their beehives in and around Toledo. The product sold in the glass jar is relatively new at the co-op. I mainly buy... more>> 1 min read
- May 19, 2016 - #food #business #health #local #nature #insect #toledo #blog_jr

JR: Toledoans cannot drink the water - Sat, Aug 2, 2014 - #toledo - #health - #lakeerie - #farming Advisory issued a little after Midnight on August 2. The city of Toledo released an urgent notice to all Toledo water users overnight. The city is asking anyone who... more>> 16 min read
- May 19, 2016 - #toledo #health #lakeerie #farming #Watercrisis #ToledoWaterWarning

JR: Tt post fri apr 29 2016 - b - A few years ago, my wife bought a NordicTrack elliptical machine from the Sears store, located near Secor and Central. They delivered it and set it up in our basement. Initially, I refused to use it because it was so damn goofy. The movement was to... more>>
- Apr 29, 2016 - #home #exercise #health

JR: One-minute of intense exercise - 1 Minute of All-Out Exercise May Have Benefits of 45 Minutes of Moderate Exertion warmed up for two minutes on stationary bicycle pedaled as hard as possible for 20 seconds rode at a very slow pace for two minutes sprinted all-out again for 20 ... more>>
- Apr 28, 2016 - #exercise #health

JR: Push ups or Pushups or Push-ups plus Ab workout - notes Persian Yoga Although [pushups] only mildly stimulate the biceps muscles, they are excellent for conditioning and strengthening the shoulders, chest, back, upper arms, stomach, neck, wrists, and hands. his book Push Up Board C... more>> 3 min read
- Oct 19, 2015 - #health #exercise

JR: Persian Yoga - Collecting info. #health - #exercise - #home - #history Some terms: shena asana varzesh-e pahlevani - touted as the reason why Iranians are regular winners at international wrestling and weight-lifting events. varzesh-e bastani - the zourkhane... more>> 5 min read
- Oct 10, 2015 - #health #exercise #home #history

JR: Jul 15 2015 tt comment - At mid-day on July 13, the City of Toledo posted a Facebook reply that contained similar info that was mentioned in yesterday's (July 14) Toledo News Now story. From the city's July 13 Facebook reply post: That film is from Alum in the water, it'... more>> 4 min read
- Jul 15, 2015 - #toledo #politics #media #moronism #lakeerie #water #health

JR: Some good foods to incorporate into regular eating - spinach kale beets beet greens celery carrots cucumber banana apple berries brocolli hemp seed raw pumpkin seeds raw sunflower seeds raw almonds raw walnuts vegan protein powder maca powder flaxseed (flour or ground and not whole seed) chia seeds qui... more>>
- Mar 03, 2015 - #food #health

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