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JR: Homemade Weed Killer - This is stronger, it lasts longer, and it's cheaper than roundup from monsanto. 1 gal white vinegar - acetic acid 2 cups Epsom salt - magnesium sulfate 1/4 cup Dawn liquid dishsoap Mix in spray bottle. #home - #recipe
- Jun 06, 2016

JR: Naturally leavened sourdough bread - I normally make a 100 percent whole grain bread that consists of my 100 percent white whole wheat flour starter and a flour ratio of 70 percent white whole wheat and 30 percent spelt. The recipe below is for my "light" bread version, which still co... more>> 12 min read
- Jun 02, 2016 - #food #recipe #bread #blog_jr - replies: 1

JR: Plant-based sources of protein - From a handout that I picked up from somewhere that promoted a vegan diet. I think that I got this handout from the University Church in Toledo. I could see using a vegetarian diet but not vegan because I could not give up honey and wearing wool cl... more>>
- May 19, 2016 - #todo #food #health #recipe

JR: Simple dinner with some garden produce - Mon, Sep 8, 2014. We planned to bottle a couple of our beers. Deb readied the bottles while I grilled produce and black bean burgers. We ate and relaxed and decided to bottle early the next day. I grilled: black bean burgers bought at Costco gr... more>> 1 min read
- May 19, 2016 - #garden #home #food #recipe #blog_jr

JR: Jim Lahey No-knead Bread Baking - It has been several months, since I baked with this simple method that produces delicious bread. The no-knead method quickly assembles a bread dough. Very little labor is required. The recipe uses a small amount of dry, instant yeast and a fermentati... more>> 3 min read
- May 17, 2016 - #bread #home #food #recipe #howto #baking #blog_jr

JR: Cooking a rib roast - Dec 2015 Placed order on Dec 19 or so. At Zavotski's. 12-pounder. Bone-in. Not pre-cut. Total cost was $140.00. It was already thawed as usual. Places in frig until time to prep. Finished prep and placed into room-temp oven at 12:25 am on Dec 25. I... more>> 9 min read
- Dec 25, 2015 - #food #recipe #blog_jr

JR: Lidia's basic marinara sauce recipe - In 'Lidia's Italy in America' by Lidia Bastianich Ingredients YIELD 4 cups marinara 1 (35 ounce) can san marzano tomatoes, with juices (4 cups) 13 cup extra-virgin olive oil 12 cup sliced garlic (that's right, 1/2 cup) 14 teaspoon red pepper fl... more>> 1 min read
- Nov 07, 2015 - #howto #recipe #food #home

JR: Tt proposed pizza comment - mon, oct 26, 2015 - For me, the best pizza around is what I make at home, and I'm not talking about what I posted above six years ago. That was before my sourdough starter existed. It's easy to make a thin-crust pizza at home. It just takes some time. But don't use a... more>> 2 min read
- Oct 26, 2015 - #pizza #home #food #recipe #howto

JR: Making Zingerman's Farm Bread Style Bread - On Apr 15, 2015, I used my five-year-old starter to make bread that was similar to Zingerman's Farm Bread. The procedure and most of the recipe came from the Zingerman's class that I took back in 2010. My recipe was slightly different because the ... more>> 2 min read
- May 20, 2015 - #bread #recipe

JR: Wheat beer recipe - May 18, 2015 - found in my Field Notes notebook. Unsure where or why I recorded this. Wheat Beer 5 lbs 2-row 5 lbs wheat .5 lb crystal 20 .5 lb rice hulls I think that I recorded this at the home brew beer day that was held at Titgemier's in ear... more>>
- May 18, 2015 - #beer #home #recipe

JR: Making popcorn in a bowl in the microwave - Place cup popcorn kernels in a large microwave-safe bowl with 1 tablespoon olive or canola oil. Cover with a microwave-safe plate and microwave on high (power level 10) until the majority of the kernels have popped, 3 to 5 minutes. #home #food #re... more>>
- Apr 30, 2015 - #home #food #recipe

JR: Making Matzo Bread - 'matzo' search results Matzah is mentioned in the Torah several times in relation to The Exodus from Egypt: From the evening of the fourteenth day of the first month until the evening of the twenty-first day, you are to eat matzah. Exodus 12:18... more>> 3 min read
- Apr 17, 2015 - #bread #recipe

JR: Happy Birthday to My Sourdough Starter - Today, Fri, Jan 30, 2015, my sourdough bread starter turns five-years-old. I took an eight-hour bread-baking class at Zingerman's bakehouse. Near the end of class, we assembled a simple mix of all-purpose flour and water in a plastic container to... more>> 3 min read
- Mar 17, 2015 - #food #bread #recipe #blog_jr

JR: Vitamix juicing - September 2014 Attempting to "juice" with the Vitamix, instead of the Juice Man juice extractor, so that I don't waste the pulp. First test today: 250 g carrot (~ 3 carrots) 100 g beet (~ 1/2 beet) 300 g water 1 whole apple Chewy. Thick. N... more>> 1 min read
- Sep 10, 2014 - #home #recipe #beverage #health #blog_jr

JR: Cheese Sandwiches - Excerpts from the story : The new lunchbox system was set up to enable students to purchase meals on a credit account. Parents can place funds on that account -- via If no funds are available, it will allow the food purchase... more>> 2 min read
- Sep 04, 2014 - #food #recipe #bread #education #humor

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