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JR: Thoughts about education, property values, population, and taxes - (my Apr 25, 2014 comment at "The more people invest in schools, the higher the property values." We live near Elmhurst Elementary, which consistently rates "Excellent," and it's one of the top-performing school buildings in the To... more>> 2 min read
- Nov 10, 2017 - #education #home #tax #politics

JR: Education Info - October 2014 - #toledo - #education "Ottawa Hills-1.83% Sylvania-1.31% Springfield 1.27% Toledo 1.16%" "Based on that single statistic, you could draw a correlation between % of tax paid and quality of education." And other data exists at: Other people p... more>> 4 min read
- Sep 16, 2016 - #toledo #education

JR: Tt post mar 24 2016 - quote=201236 That was also mentioned back in 2005. Monroe Avenue for the Arts is being used to try to attract musicians and other artists downtown. City conducted a study about Monroe. City will meet with all building owners on Monroe to see what ... more>> 2 min read
- Mar 24, 2016 - #toledo #art #education

JR: TT post sep 18 2015 e - Yes, all of the other candidates will participate on Sep 23. Opal has been invited to attend the second debate, which is sponsored by The Blade and Channel 13. That debate will be held on October 28. Since the Blade is involved in both debates, a... more>> 2 min read
- Sep 18, 2015 - #toledo #politics #education #moronism

JR: Toledo area yarn stores - yarn company on secor between Laskey and Sylvania 4434 Secor Rd, #4 Toledo, OH yarn envy inside garden center in Ottawa Lake, MI 4570 West Sterns Road, Ottawa Lake, MI 49267 - (734) 856-1015 yarn cravin in Perrysburg Natural Fiber and ... more>>
- Jul 20, 2015 - #business #yarn #crochet #knitting #education

JR: Toledo and education - Mr. Durant strongly believes universal preschool would help TPS. A kindergarten-ready child, he says, has a better chance of doing well in the third grade, which puts that child on a path to doing better in high school, which puts that child on a pat... more>>
- Jun 08, 2015 - #education #toledo

JR: Nov 2010 comment about education data - pODE Finance Related Data/p pHere's a spreadsheet that contains Per Pupil All Expenditures data for every school district in Ohio from FY95 through FY09./p pHere's the TPS data:/p DistrictFY95FY96FY97FY98FY99FY00FY01FY02FY03FY04FY05FY06FY07FY08FY0... more>> 1 min read
- Oct 30, 2014 - #toledo #education #politics

JR: Cheese Sandwiches - Excerpts from the story : The new lunchbox system was set up to enable students to purchase meals on a credit account. Parents can place funds on that account -- via If no funds are available, it will allow the food purchase... more>> 2 min read
- Sep 04, 2014 - #food #recipe #bread #education #humor

JR: Blade's dumb idea to move Owens CC downtown - (my Jun 10, 2014 comment at "Get used to this story. I think The Blade will make it into another crusade until the move is made." Moving Owens CC [Community College] to downtown Toledo is so damn stupid that if the Blade keeps sugge... more>> 3 min read
- Sep 02, 2014 - #toledo #business #education #politics #media #moronism #blog_jr

JR: Chris at is battling the Sylvania public school district - (my June 2014 comment in this thread ) "What they can not do is use any assets owned by the schools in a levy campaign like their web site, email to communicate with employees, school sign boards, newsletters, phone system, etc." Fo... more>> 3 min read
- Sep 02, 2014 - #education #politics #legal #moronism #blog_jr

JR: Why take a Zingerman's baking class? - Toledo Talk thread about malls, shopping, and gift ideas. My suggestion "Zingerman's baking classes make great gifts. Nothing to ship." A user responded: I'm afraid if I gave cooking classes of any kind it might be misinterpreted. Like the vac... more>> 1 min read
- Mar 12, 2014 - #food #education #howto #blog_jr

JR: CGOA Masters Program - Crochet Guild of America About the Masters Course Masters Course Ravelry Group The program is divided into seven parts. All are to be completed and submitted at one time. Here is a quick look at what is covered. Part One: Different methods of ... more>> 1 min read
- Mar 06, 2014 - #crochet #howto #education

JR: Uncork the Artist - Uncork the Artist 5228 Monroe St., Toledo bring an adult beverage to unlock your creativity while you paint produce a painting on a 16" 20" canvas summer 2013schedule public classes held mainly on Friday and Saturday evengins and sometimes Wedn... more>> 1 min read
- Mar 03, 2014 - #art #toledo #education #blog_jr

JR: Plain Dealer newspaper downsizes due to changes from print to digital - July 31, 2013 The de-newspaperization of America reporters who work for the Plain Dealer of Cleveland -- an iconic name in American journalism, a newspaper that's published as a daily since 1845 and won a lot of awards over the years -- were ordere... more>> 5 min read
- Oct 08, 2013 - #media #web #technology #programming #design #education #business #blog_jr

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