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That was also mentioned back in 2005.

Monroe Avenue for the Arts is being used to try to attract musicians and other artists downtown. City conducted a study about Monroe. City will meet with all building owners on Monroe to see what can be done to attract artists.

The arts and UT. Apparently, UT would like more studio space concentrated in an area such as Monroe St downtown.

In February 2006, the Toledo Blade hammered the Art Museum and UT for failing to establish a more significant partnership to elevate the arts program at UT. This seems like a massive missed opportunity.

It's just a short hallway, but it connects two institutions that are very different.

This passage leads from the Toledo Museum of Art to the home of the University of Toledo's art department - a link between one of the most renowned art museums in the country and an art program that is not ranked, let alone ranked among the best art schools in America.

This year marks the 85th anniversary of a partnership between the museum and university.

There were such high hopes in the late 1980s when UT and museum backers unveiled their plans to construct a signature building next to the museum to house the university's art department.

University officials said the new building would lead to a greater reputation for UT's art program.

In 1986, when plans for construction were announced, then-UT President James McComas went so far as to say that he hoped the university would develop its art program to one of national prominence within a decade.

That hasn't happened, even though it is attached to one of America's great art museums.

Some UT programs, such as engineering and education, have established more stringent entrance requirements, but its art department has not.

Museum officials were more blunt in their comments about the UT art department.

Despite repeated requests from The Blade to discuss the relationship between the university and the museum, Mr. Bacigalupi refused an interview.

The criticism goes on and on in that story.

It's now 10 years later. It would be nice to see the Blade do a follow-up story to see what has changed.

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