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CGOA Masters Program

Crochet Guild of America


The program is divided into seven parts. All are to be completed and submitted at one time. Here is a quick look at what is covered.

Part One: Different methods of working into starting chains, including foundation single crochet (sometimes called chainless foundation), and different methods of starting pieces worked in the round, including the Magic Ring method. Neither the foundation single crochet nor the Magic Ring is new, but both have recently become popular and are being used in many new patterns. Also included are instructions for working a flat circle, which is often used in patterns for crocheting hats and handbags.

Part Two: This covers your understanding of gauge and its importance, and explains the Golden Loop method of adjusting row gauge, which is a challenge for many crocheters.

Part Three: Instructions are given for working special stitches such as extended stitches and linked stitches.

Part Four: This covers textured stitches, including working in back or front loops only, post stitches, front and back popcorns, clusters, puff stitches, cables, shells, fans, bullion or roll stitches and picots.

Part Five: Here you will work swatches of 10 advanced decorative stitch patterns, using many of the techniques already covered. Instructions are given for each, but there are no photos so this will challenge your ability to carefully read and follow written patterns.

Part Six: Here you will work a variety of motifs, including a square, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, a dimensional flower and others.

Part 7: This covers final touches, such as edgings (including reverse single crochet or crab stitch) and braid

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