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JR: Journalists' Goal for 2017: Produce Fake News - So it seems, at least at some media orgs. The problem is that many journalists use their filter bubble on Media Twitter to share bogus stories, produced by allegedly acceptable media orgs. The Media Twitter echo chamber is part of the fake news pro... more>> 6 min read
- Jan 11, 2017 - #media #legal #business #moronism

JR: Applying logic to marriage - Jun 26, 2015 In November 2004, I voted against Ohio's ban on same-sex marriage because I do not care who or what anyone "marries." A human should be permitted to marry another human, a wheel barrel, a baseball, a blue spruce, or a smartphone. Thos... more>> 2 min read
- Jun 26, 2015 - #legal #activism #religion #politics #moronism

JR: Tt apr 30 2015 comment - about traffic enforcement cameras If you receive a ticket from a traffic enforcement camera, employ your own personal home rule and ignore it because you desire to obey the new state law. Or don't pay the fine by using a Toledo government tactic... more>>
- Apr 30, 2015 - #toledo #politics #legal #moronism

JR: Apr 20, 2015 TT post - The humor. A few months ago, Ohio's governor signed new legislation that basically rendered our traffic enforcement cameras useless. Toledo officials disliked this new law, and the city found an agreeing judge to put the new state regs on hold. The... more>> 1 min read
- Apr 20, 2015 - #toledo #legal #politics #moronism #humor

JR: Chris at is battling the Sylvania public school district - (my June 2014 comment in this thread ) "What they can not do is use any assets owned by the schools in a levy campaign like their web site, email to communicate with employees, school sign boards, newsletters, phone system, etc." Fo... more>> 3 min read
- Sep 02, 2014 - #education #politics #legal #moronism #blog_jr

JR: City of Toledo Documents - TOLEDO MUNICIPAL CODE CHARTER OF THE CITY OF TOLEDO, OHIO #toledo - #politics - #legal
- Apr 22, 2014

JR: Example April 2014 story with its card usage - (My Apr 7, 2014 comment added to a Toledo Talk thread about Denver selling marijuana.) Ezra Klein's new media venture launched recently, and here's an Apr 6, 2014 story titled: Remember when legal marijuana was going to send crime skyrocketing? ... more>> 1 min read
- Apr 07, 2014 - #health #politics #legal #business #media #design #blog_jr

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