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Why take a Zingerman's baking class?

Toledo Talk thread about malls, shopping, and gift ideas.

My suggestion
"Zingerman's baking classes make great gifts. Nothing to ship."

A user responded:

I'm afraid if I gave cooking classes of any kind it might be misinterpreted. Like the vacuum or the exercise bike.

My response:

Misinterpreted how? Like, why learn something new and how to make good food, taught by one of the most interesting food-related businesses in the region?

Depends upon the household, I guess. They're great gifts for my wife and me.

I've taken three Zingerman's classes. Gifts. And most of the other students in my classes received the classes as gifts. My wife completed a class last week. It was one of my Christmas gifts to her.

How can someone not like an 8-hour class on how to make Zingerman's breads with a chance to use their wood-fired brick oven?

I'll gladly receive more of these misinterpretations.

So if you know someone who likes gardening, canning, brewing, baking, or just making in general and appreciates handmade, quality items, then that person will probably enjoy a Zingerman's class, and he or she will meet similarly like-minded people.

Obviously, many local orgs and businesses offer classes on many subjects, which also make great gift ideas.

So justread, if buying me a baking class feels weird, I'd gladly receive gift classes for:

  • intermediate crochet
  • intermediate watercolor painting
  • intermediate mountain dulcimer
  • beginning welding

I've always wanted to learn welding. Someday. I like insects, so I'll terrorize and annoy the neighbors with metal monsters. And I'll resist making acetylene bombs.

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