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Yes, all of the other candidates will participate on Sep 23.

Opal has been invited to attend the second debate, which is sponsored by The Blade and Channel 13. That debate will be held on October 28.

Since the Blade is involved in both debates, and since Opal has been invited to the second one, then maybe it was the University of Toledo who kiboshed Opal. That makes sense. Can't have diversity of thought on a university.

It seems wacky that a debate held at a public university would be closed to one of the candidates who met the board of elections' requirements to appear on the November ballot.

I wonder if they teach this kind of close-minded horsehshit at the University of Toledo. Pretty damn embarrassing for a SCHOOL.

Even if it was the Blade's idea to exclude Opal, the public university that probably fancies itself as being progressive should have overruled and claimed that it's all about being inclusive.

Why is the University of Toledo engaging in bigotry?

bigotry: intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

It's fascinating to watch people who preach tolerance eventually become as intolerant as the people who they have railed against for so long.

"I want to force others to accept my brand of tolerance." - The Enlightened Mob

The first debate without Opal will occur inside the University of Toledo’s Doermann Theatre.

The second debate with Opal will occur in the studio of WGTE-TV, Channel 30.

The Blade story fails to mention who decided to exclude Opal from the first debate and why. It doesn't matter. It will be held at a public university, and it seems that the process is discriminatory.

Opal has magnitudes more courage than can I dream of having. I can only imagine that it must be extremely taxing to enter the public eye as a political candidate while jackals like me take potshots.

It terrifies me to speak in front of only a handful of people, which is probably why I easily gravitated toward internet message boards long ago.

I admire anyone who can public-speak with ease in front of a crowd. I've seen Opal do this. No way in hell could I do it.

Opal has conviction. Her ideas may be a "bit out there" but so what? In my opinion, some disturbing ideas have already been advanced by Carty, Paula, and Ferner, but I don't believe that they should be banned from a debate.

"You will do better in Toledo if you meet our approval."

Sep 18, 2015 Toledo Blade letter to the editor:

Not extending an invitation to Ms. Covey to take part in the Sept. 23 Internet debate among mayoral candidates sponsored by the University of Toledo and The Blade is unfair, discriminatory, and bullying by exclusion.

What if a student or an org at the University of Toledo was found to be "unfair, discriminatory, and bullying by exclusion." Would the university levy disciplinary action against the offender?

The people making the decisions for this first debate, I wonder how they protect their knuckles as they drag them across the ground.

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