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JR: Naturally leavened sourdough bread - I normally make a 100 percent whole grain bread that consists of my 100 percent white whole wheat flour starter and a flour ratio of 70 percent white whole wheat and 30 percent spelt. The recipe below is for my "light" bread version, which still co... more>> 12 min read
- Jun 02, 2016 - #food #recipe #bread #blog_jr - replies: 1

JR: Jim Lahey No-knead Bread Baking - It has been several months, since I baked with this simple method that produces delicious bread. The no-knead method quickly assembles a bread dough. Very little labor is required. The recipe uses a small amount of dry, instant yeast and a fermentati... more>> 3 min read
- May 17, 2016 - #bread #home #food #recipe #howto #baking #blog_jr

JR: Naan bread as pizza bread - Naan bread is versatile as a base for pizza, toasting and dipping into sunny-side up eggs, toasting and coating with homemade jam, dipping into hummus, etc. I think that I like naan bread better than pita bread. But the freshly-made pita bread at A... more>>
- Aug 11, 2015 - #food #bread #home #pizza

JR: Making Zingerman's Farm Bread Style Bread - On Apr 15, 2015, I used my five-year-old starter to make bread that was similar to Zingerman's Farm Bread. The procedure and most of the recipe came from the Zingerman's class that I took back in 2010. My recipe was slightly different because the ... more>> 2 min read
- May 20, 2015 - #bread #recipe

JR: Making Matzo Bread - 'matzo' search results Matzah is mentioned in the Torah several times in relation to The Exodus from Egypt: From the evening of the fourteenth day of the first month until the evening of the twenty-first day, you are to eat matzah. Exodus 12:18... more>> 3 min read
- Apr 17, 2015 - #bread #recipe

JR: Happy Birthday to My Sourdough Starter - Today, Fri, Jan 30, 2015, my sourdough bread starter turns five-years-old. I took an eight-hour bread-baking class at Zingerman's bakehouse. Near the end of class, we assembled a simple mix of all-purpose flour and water in a plastic container to... more>> 3 min read
- Mar 17, 2015 - #food #bread #recipe #blog_jr

JR: Amazing Bread from Zingerman's - On Sat, Feb 7, 2015, CP and I visited the Zingerman's business "complex" out by I-94. We loaded up. I bought the big Z French Mountain bread, the Westwind bread, and the chestnut baguette listed below. I also bought a couple chewy pretzels. We bough... more>> 1 min read
- Feb 07, 2015 - #bread

JR: Notes - Easter Weekend - Apr 18-20, 2014 - #todo finish editing. need to add additional info from my notebook. Fri, Apr 18 Assembled and baked bread for Easter meal on Sun in central OH. DD's parents arrived in the afternoon. We shopped at Levis Commons: Pottsies Fiddlestix and anoth... more>> 2 min read
- Sep 10, 2014 - #todo #bread #shopping #nature #toledo #art #food #blog_jr

JR: Cheese Sandwiches - Excerpts from the story : The new lunchbox system was set up to enable students to purchase meals on a credit account. Parents can place funds on that account -- via If no funds are available, it will allow the food purchase... more>> 2 min read
- Sep 04, 2014 - #food #recipe #bread #education #humor

JR: Notes - Sun, Jun 22, 2014 - Visited the Zingerman's businesses in Ann Arbor on the south side of I-94. We bought bread, sandwiches, and beverages. I bought a Coke. We ate outside at the picnic table and umbrella area at the Zingerman's businesses. The space between their buil... more>> 1 min read
- Jul 17, 2014 - #annarbor #michigan #food #restaurant #bread #beer #home

JR: New Grumpy's food truck - June 2014 - On Sat, Jun 21, 2014, after shopping at the Toledo Farmers Market and the nearby Libbey Glass outlet store, both located in the Warehouse District of downtown Toledo, we bought a Garbage Salad and a cookie from the new Grumpy's truck. The Garbage... more>> 1 min read
- Jul 17, 2014 - #toledo #food #beer #bread #blog_jr

JR: Ezekiel bread recipe - While it is not particularly tasty, the combination of grains used to make the bread, combine to make a complete protein that satisfies all the body's nutritional requirements. It was the original survival bread and it came from a prophet who recomme... more>> 5 min read
- May 04, 2014 - #bread #recipe #religion

JR: My three favorite books - Trying to think about this after listening to a segment on public radio this afternoon. Obviously, it's tough to limit the list only to three. I guess that I base this upon the books that I have re-read most often. In Our Time - short stories by Er... more>> 1 min read
- Mar 28, 2014 - #todo #books #food #bread #design #programming #blog_jr

JR: Real bread is naturally leavened bread - (My snobby but truthful 2013 comment in a thread.) "good bread is a real hard thing to find in the Toledo area" I agree with that statement. "a few of the artisan options at The Fresh Market. Anderson's has a few worth the trip" I ... more>> 5 min read
- Jan 15, 2014 - #bread #bakery #food #blog_jr

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