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JR: Tt post sep 18 2015 b - breeman referred to the tamales sold from the food truck that is parked on Saturday morning's at the Toledo Farmers Market. I have not tried those either. I don't remember the name of this food truck. I was referring to the Mexican bakery, located ... more>>
- Sep 18, 2015 - #toledo #restaurant #food #bakery

JR: Real bread is naturally leavened bread - (My snobby but truthful 2013 comment in a thread.) "good bread is a real hard thing to find in the Toledo area" I agree with that statement. "a few of the artisan options at The Fresh Market. Anderson's has a few worth the trip" I ... more>> 5 min read
- Jan 15, 2014 - #bread #bakery #food #blog_jr

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