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Notes - Sun, Jun 22, 2014

Visited the Zingerman's businesses in Ann Arbor on the south side of I-94.

We bought bread, sandwiches, and beverages. I bought a Coke.

We ate outside at the picnic table and umbrella area at the Zingerman's businesses. The space between their buildings.

While we ate, we studied our beer-making books and the Brew Your Own magazine. We planned our next brews. We selected four recipes.

Then we visited the very large home beer-making supply biz called Adventures in Homebrewing, located in the Ann Arbor area.

It's self-serve. We weighed and ground our own grains. We bought ingredients to make two five-gallon recipes and two one-gallon recipes.

Five-gallon recipes:

  • saison - SMASH - single malt and single hop from lates Brew magazine.
  • Warble Wit from the Brooklyn Brew Shop book.

One-gallon recipes:

  • Spencer Abbey Trappist clone from the previous issue of Brew magazine.
  • Belgian Dubbel from the new, recently-released Brooklyn Brew Shop book.

We also bought a mash tun, wort chiller, and maybe some other supplies. The bill totaled $400.

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