November 2014 Kengo and Black Cloister opening updates

(my nov 24, 2014 comment)

For some of these places, the renovations and the red tape take significantly longer than originally thought.

I'm guessing that Kengo will update one of its web areas when the opening date nears.

Earlier this month, I spoke with one of the brewers for the Black Cloister. They hope to begin brewing by the end of December. This past Saturday, I heard that they hope to open to the public by early February.

The Black Cloister will hold a hiring event for servers on December 6. Excerpts from that post made on Sun, Nov 23:

The Black Cloister Brewing Company is now hiring servers. We are committed to providing an atmosphere of “great beer, great service, and great community” in our taproom.

If you would like to apply for a server position (to begin mid January), please attend our tour and vision sharing event on December 6th at 11 AM.

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