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JR: November 2014 Kengo and Black Cloister opening updates - (my nov 24, 2014 comment) For some of these places, the renovations and the red tape take significantly longer than originally thought. I'm guessing that Kengo will update one of its web areas when the opening date nears. https:/... more>>
- Nov 24, 2014 - #food #beer #toledo #restaurant #sushi #business

JR: Toledo Talk user's views on local sushi restaurants - ok-now this is making me slightly crazy-yesterday's review, of ANOTHER Sushi place, one I know well, was Spicy Tuna. They gave it, wait for it-3 stars. That's the same as Domo. I have essentially 2 knocks on these reviews-first, since they are both ... more>> 2 min read
- Mar 07, 2014 - #toledo #food #restaurant #sushi

JR: Sori Sushi - 5236 Monroe St, Toledo, OH 43623 (419) 720-7674 Full menu - pdf file of images It's one of our favorite restaurants. Small place. I prefer to sit at the bar/counter so that we can watch Kenny prepare the food. Good show. Sori helps wait on the cus... more>> 1 min read
- Nov 19, 2013 - #food #restaurant #sushi #blog_jr

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