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Dining at Element 112 in Sylvania

(This info is from my ToledoTalk.com comment about our December 2012 visit to Element 112.)

Element 112, located in Sylvania, also provides a spectacular dining experience. When you call with reservations, indicate why you plan to visit, and they will customize your menu with your name, so you can take it home. It's a simple card-style menu, but it's a nice touch.

Besides providing a stunning meal, Element 112 completes numerous nice touches amazingly well, which add up to a memorable time.

(My December 23, 2012 Toledo Talk comment about dining at Element 112 in a thread titled Has Dining out Become too Expensive? )

My wife and I dined at Element 112 a couple weeks ago, and our bill was $168 before tip. It was a great two hour memorable experience. The food, the presentation, and the service were fabulous. All the little details were done extremely well. We pay that kind of money to see one of the professional traveling Broadway shows. The Element 112 chef and crew are simply different kinds of artists.

We only dine out once or twice a month, mainly at $10- to $15-meal places. But because of Toledo Talk, we've been enjoying QQ's Kitchen take-out lately.

If our dining out costs increase, it's because I'm influenced by the food threads that are created here, such as the Element 112 thread. So I blame YOU for increasing our dining out enjoyment.

We also enjoy cooking at home. We're fixing a lot of meals for visiting family over the next couple days.

Not to hijack the thread, but I contend that the best pizza is the one that's made at home. Pizza is probably the one food item that I won't pay to dine out for. For part of our meal Monday night, I'm making a potato pizza and a pomodoro pizza. I make the dough from scratch, and I incorporate some of my sourdough starter that is almost three years old. Tonight, my wife prepared the tomatoes, using a Colicchio recipe, which will add more flavor to the pizza.

We maintain a small garden during the warmer months. We've been a member of a local CSA for the past five years. I continue to shop at the Toledo farmers market. I bought produce from there yesterday. My wife cans a lot of food, such as jams, butters, chutneys, salsas, relishes, pickles, sauces, etc.

We like good food at home, and I have no problem paying for good food at a restaurant. I believe that a fine meal at home or at a restaurant is one of the great simple pleasures of life.

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