Naan bread as pizza bread

Naan bread is versatile as a base for pizza, toasting and dipping into sunny-side up eggs, toasting and coating with homemade jam, dipping into hummus, etc.

I think that I like naan bread better than pita bread. But the freshly-made pita bread at Al Habib is excellent. Fluffy. The store/market is located near our home in West Toledo. We like shopping at Al Habib for some groceries and for their hot food items. They offer take-out.

Sun, Aug 9, 2015 dinner: naan bread from the nearby Middle Eastern market, homemade sauce that my wife canned last fall, ricotta cheese my wife made in the morning that used milk from a local dairy called Calder Dairy, fresh basil from a plant that we bought the day before at the Toledo farmers market. I also topped the pizza bread with olive oil and coarse grey sea salt. In the background are tomatoes from our backyard garden.

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