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Simple dinner with some garden produce

Mon, Sep 8, 2014.

We planned to bottle a couple of our beers. Deb readied the bottles while I grilled produce and black bean burgers. We ate and relaxed and decided to bottle early the next day.

I grilled:

  • black bean burgers bought at Costco
  • green beans picked last week from our garden
  • a pepper from our garden
  • a couple peppers from the farmers market
  • zucchini from my parent's garden

Before grilling, I doused the produce in olive oil and a little cracked black pepper and sea salt.

With the bean burgers on our plate, I added:

  • chopped up tomatoes from our garden
  • chopped up sorel picked this evening from our garden
  • chopped up little white onions picked a few weeks ago from our garden
  • DD's homemade ketchup that she canned a couple weekends ago

We split a Rochefort 6 (dubbel), which is one of my favorite beers. Simple, light, and tasty meal. I enjoy eating black bean burgers with tomatoes, onions, and sorel from our garden. DD's ketchup tasted great, and it makes a wonderful addition.

These were the bright green sorel that I picked this evening.

The three garden squares of sorel are still producing. I need to pick some more, clean it, and store it in the frig. It holds up well for quite a while in the refrigerator, so it's best to pick it when it's ready, and then keep it until time to eat it on a salad or on a burger. No point leaving it to wilt in the garden.

In the future, I'll plant sorel over spinach. I have not planted any lettuce this fall. I'm unsure if I will. I should have planted lettuce this past weekend.

The six Health Kick tomato plants are producing well. Some of the other tomato plants are producing a few tomatoes. Some of those contain bad spots inside. Peppers are growing. Eggplants, however, have mostly failed. I think the soil is out of whack.

It just means that square-foot gardening is something to study this winter.

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