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JR: Smoothie Recipes - Ground up in our Vitamix Jun 4, 2014: two big fist fulls of fresh kale a cup of frozen wild blueberries at least a half cup of frozen mixed berries 1/4 cup flax meal 1/4 cup chia seeds leftover whey from yogurt made a few days ago water a little... more>>
- Sep 02, 2014 - #juice #smoothie #food #recipe #blog_jr

JR: July Brewly - 2014 - Large group beer brewing day at Jerry P's place, scheduled for Sat, Jul 26, 2014. Brewing begins at 10:00 a.m. Potluck begins at 6:00 p.m. We'll be brewing a five-gallon version of the one-gallon Beligan Wit that we brewed back in April. What to... more>> 1 min read
- Jul 24, 2014 - #event #beer #home #recipe

JR: Summer Sandwich - interesting sandwich idea - I was told this at a Jul 3, 2014 party. Summer Sandwich heard on NPR wheat bread crunchy peanut butter red vidalia onion cucumber tomato extra sharp cheddar cheese After a web search: Marti Olesen's favorite summer recipe is plucked straig... more>> 2 min read
- Jul 17, 2014 - #food #home #recipe

JR: Making pizza from spent beer grains - On Jul 5, 2014, I made a pizza dough that used some spent grains from our Dark-eyed Junco Imperial Stout that we brewed on Mar 30, 2014. It's probably the ugliest pizza crust ever made, but it turned out surprisingly well. The addition of the spent g... more>> 8 min read
- Jul 07, 2014 - #beer #pizza #home #food #beverage #recipe #blog_jr

JR: 02/02/2002 Archived Entry "Mujadara Recipe" - Comes in different "sizes" if you will. From "fine" to a very coarse grind. I've only seen three grinds (fine, medium, and heavy/coarse). I use the heavy one for mujadara. You can also use brown rice instead of the bulgar (it's call mudardara). Also,... more>> 1 min read
- Jul 03, 2014 - #food #recipe

JR: Beer Recipe Number One - Imperial Stout - March 2014 - We brewed an Imperial Stout at Jerry's Brew Day that occurred on Sun, Mar 30, 2014. Notes before, during, and after brew day Items to bring - (Arrive around 10:00 a.m.) food to share large plastic folding table small plastic folding table dig... more>> 8 min read
- Jul 01, 2014 - #recipe #beverage #beer #blog_jr - replies: 44

JR: Grisette - Belgium beer - Miner beer. Old beer style, not brewed much. It's similar to a saison or farmhouse ale, except grisette is a little lighter. Grisette actually originated in French Wallonia specifically in the Hainut province of southern Belgium. It was mostly r... more>>
- Jun 06, 2014 - #beer #beverage #recipe

JR: Making buckwheat pancakes from Hodgson Mill mix - This makes a simple, tasty pancake. I deviated from the instructions some, so I'm storing these notes for later recall. buckwheat pancake mix : 1.5 cups milk : 1.5 cups egg : 1 canola oil : 2 tablespoons (March 2014 : added a 1/2 cup of frozen ... more>>
- Jun 01, 2014 - #food #home #recipe #blog_jr

JR: Ezekiel bread recipe - While it is not particularly tasty, the combination of grains used to make the bread, combine to make a complete protein that satisfies all the body's nutritional requirements. It was the original survival bread and it came from a prophet who recomme... more>> 5 min read
- May 04, 2014 - #bread #recipe #religion

JR: Making Pizza - These recipes make the "Margherita" style pizza. Each dough recipe makes four pizzas that are at least 10 to 12 inches in diameter. If using a rectangle baking stone instead of the more square-ish pizza stone, the pizza dough will be stretched into a... more>> 11 min read
- Apr 25, 2014 - #food #pizza #home #recipe #blog_jr

JR: Roasting coffee beans at home - Apparently, an air popcorn popper makes a decent home roaster for coffee beans. We'll try it out. [Sep 2013 update: This works well. Roast in the evening, outside. Let beans cool and rest uncovered inside at room temp. Grind and brew in the morning... more>> 10 min read
- Apr 18, 2014 - #home #recipe #coffee #beverage #blog_jr

JR: Homemade Neapolitan-style pizza - Neopolitan Pizza This recipe was adapted from information found at This is a basic recipe for making the "Margherita" style pizza. This makes four pizzas that are at least 10 to 12 inches in diameter. Since I use a baking stone instead of a pizza ... more>> 16 min read
- Apr 15, 2014 - #food #pizza #home #recipe #blog_jr - replies: 1

JR: Grills and Smokers - Smoked Salmon Using the "Little Chief" Smoker Electric vs all-wood/fire? Info from listening to the Really Big Show on AM 850 WKNR ESPN Cleveland radio. "If you are lookin', then you ain't cookin'." - #quote Smokers/Grills Memphis Wood Fi... more>>
- Apr 09, 2014 - #quote #food #recipe #grilling #smoking #blog_jr

JR: Home beer brewing notes - Yeast Recipes Equipment for First Batch 7-gallon fermenting bucket 3-piece airlock #recipe - #beverage - #beer - #howto
- Mar 21, 2014

JR: Cold-brew Coffee - Another of the many ways to brew coffee. NY Times.1 Without the bitterness produced by hot water, the cold-brewed coffee had hints of chocolate, even caramel. I dropped my sugar packet no need for it. The best brews hardly need cream. Cold-br... more>> 7 min read
- Mar 03, 2014 - #coffee #beverage #recipe #blog_jr

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