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JR: Grills and Smokers - Smoked Salmon Using the "Little Chief" Smoker Electric vs all-wood/fire? Info from listening to the Really Big Show on AM 850 WKNR ESPN Cleveland radio. "If you are lookin', then you ain't cookin'." - #quote Smokers/Grills Memphis Wood Fi... more>>
- Apr 09, 2014 - #quote #food #recipe #grilling #smoking #blog_jr

JR: Grilled ribeye steaks - Simple and delicious. Coat each side of a steak with olive oil, sea salt, and ground pepppercorns, and cook three minutes per side with the grill on high and the lid closed. Strive for an internal temp of 135-140 degrees. at home on our propane g... more>> 1 min read
- Aug 20, 2013 - #recipe #food #grilling #blog_jr

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