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JR: Bottled Water - Two of my posts from 2007 along with a June 3, 2016 Facebook post by someone. July 2007 TT Post Bottled water bad for the environment Feb 18, 2007 story : The real cost of bottled water Just supplying Americans with plastic wat... more>> 9 min read
- Jun 03, 2016 - #environment #water

JR: Tt post sep 2 2015 - Aug 29, 2015 Toledo Blade story about Carty's announcement event that occurred last Saturday: Mr. Finkbeiner ... The unendorsed Democrat had two Toledo city councilmen and the representatives of three union organizations on hand. Again, from t... more>> 5 min read
- Sep 02, 2015 - #toledo #politics #moronism #lakeerie #water

JR: 2015 microcystin levels - Detected in raw Lake Erie water near Toledo's intake crib, which is located three miles offshore from Jerusalem Township in northwest Ohio. Data. Mon, Jul 27 = 0.5 ppb Tue, Jul 28 = 0.4 ppb Wed, Jul 29 = 1.0 ppb Thu, Jul 30 = 0.5 ppb Fri, Jul 31 = ... more>> 2 min read
- Aug 19, 2015 - #toledo #politics #lakeerie #water

JR: Tt comment aug 6 2015 - At this page, you can access the PDF file that contains test results for raw Lake Erie water. Here's a screenshot: The 1.8 ppb in raw lake water is no biggie. As mentioned before: The Ohio EPA said it expects tests to be done at least once a ... more>> 1 min read
- Aug 06, 2015 - #toledo #water

JR: Tt post aug 1 2015 - From the Aug 1, 2015 Toledo Blade story that justread referenced above: Councilman Lindsay Webb, chairman of councils public utilities committee, said urban sewage overflows need to be controlled better. The city cannot point fingers at the farmin... more>> 3 min read
- Aug 01, 2015 - #toledo #politics #media #moronism #lakeerie #water

JR: Tt post jul 31 2015 - IIs this proof from my buddy Ed Moore that last year's alleged crisis was a massive city mistake that has now mushroomed into a huge taxpayer-supported, nutty-ass boondoggle? Public Utilities Director Ed Moore said he drinks the citys tap water and... more>> 3 min read
- Jul 31, 2015 - #toledo #politics #moronism #lakeerie #water

JR: Tt post thu jul 30 2015 - b - I get the feeling that some Toledoans do not know the difference between raw lake water and tap water. With the daily testing process continuing, the city will post to its website the microcystin levels detected in raw Lake Erie water. Thu, Jul 3... more>>
- Jul 30, 2015 - #toledo #politics #lakeerie #water

JR: Tt post jul 30 2015 - #toledo #politics #moronism #media #lakeerie #water I have not studied every single local media story about drinking water, therefore maybe someone else can fill in the gaps. The terms "microcystin" and "part per billion" get thrown around without ... more>> 5 min read
- Jul 30, 2015 - #toledo #politics #moronism #media #lakeerie #water

JR: Tt post jul 29 2015 - Microcystin levels detected in raw Lake Erie water near Toledo's intake crib: Mon, Jul 27 = 0.5 ppb Tue, Jul 28 = 0.4 ppb Wed, Jul 29 = 1.0 ppb Toledo officials will discontinue daily testing. The city will revert to daily sampling and testing o... more>> 1 min read
- Jul 29, 2015 - #toledo #politics #media #lakeerie #water

JR: Tt post jul 28 2015 - #toledo - #water - #politics - #moronism - #lakeerie "Here's the secret: They have alum this year, the mixy stick is not broken, and they know we are watching." On Aug 19, 2014, justread wrote : We know (Thanks to the required EPA disclosure that... more>> 5 min read
- Jul 28, 2015 - #toledo #water #politics #moronism #lakeerie

JR: Jul 15 2015 tt comment - At mid-day on July 13, the City of Toledo posted a Facebook reply that contained similar info that was mentioned in yesterday's (July 14) Toledo News Now story. From the city's July 13 Facebook reply post: That film is from Alum in the water, it'... more>> 4 min read
- Jul 15, 2015 - #toledo #politics #media #moronism #lakeerie #water #health

JR: Toledo mayor enlightens others about water - Sep 25, 2014 - Toledo Blade - Collins shares tale of Toledo water woe Excerpts: Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins regaled the Mayors Summit on Drinking Water Protection conference with his frustrations from the weekend of Aug. 2-4. He called the To... more>> 3 min read
- Sep 25, 2014 - #toledo #politics #moronism #water #lakeerie

JR: Lake Erie's health with algae - Good, scientific info: Blooms typically start in the Toledo area, where the Maumee River, which is highly enriched by phosphorus and other nutrients applied to farmland, flows into warm and shallow western Lake Eries Maumee Bay. Laura Johnson, Hei... more>> 2 min read
- Aug 21, 2014 - #lakeerie #environment #nature #water

JR: Toledo actions for elevated toxic algae levels - my aug 20, 2014 tt post about the two-day rumor of a drinking water ban: "It's still a rumor, right?" Yes. Check the City of Toledo Facebook page when these rumors pop-up. Aug 19, 2014 City of Toledo Facebo... more>> 1 min read
- Aug 20, 2014 - #water #lakeerie #toledo #politics

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