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App idea to learn new code

Update: March 2014:

  • this was created in Nov-Dec 2013 and updated some in early 2014.
  • it's called Kinglet, running at Soupmode.com.
  • it's API-driven, using REST and JSON.
  • currently, the API piece is written in Perl.
  • currently, the 'client' piece is also written in Perl, and it executes on the same server but in its own directory.
  • currently, the client side uses JavaScript from Mean Menu and Minified.js. No Angular.js nor Bootstrap.js.
  • #todo - plan to create server-side client codebase in Node.JS.
  • #todo - may attempt to create a single page application (SPA) version of the client where the entire app for the user executes in the browser and uses Angular.js or Backbone. js or something else.
  • #todo - maybe in 2014, I'll attempt to create a client app in Objective C for iOS.

update 13Nov2013 maybe make it operate only as a simple, private web-based messaging tool.

Objective: learn NodeJS and either AngularJS, Bootstrap, or jQuery.

App: microblog.

Features initially:

  • small text area box to post content. prob stick with 300 chars max.
  • post button.
  • no preview.
  • no edit.
  • only formatting: auto-link for hashtags and URLs.
  • no tag list with counts.
  • no user account.
  • responsive design.

Later features:

  • user account: e-mail and username.
  • auto-gen password.
  • user can change password.
  • profile page.
  • tag list with counts.
  • reply?
  • forward?
  • favorite?
  • following users?
  • following tags?

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