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Syndicate JotHut.com posts to Twitter using the share button

Update: 01Nov2013

To get ToledoTalk.com's thread posts to appear in the Toledo Talk Twitter page, I use some kind of feed service that reads TT's RSS feed.

But I like this "lo-fi" idea better, suggested by http://www.sandeep.io at this IndieWeb page: http://indiewebcamp.com/POSSE

I primarily syndicate to Twitter using a very lo-fi solution of adding silo (Facebook, Twiiter, Google+) provided share links to each post that I can manually click to prefill content, edit and post. I've avoided API integration because of the extensive experience I've had using Facebook API and dealing with it's random changes. "Integration" has high costs sometimes so I keep it as simple as possible.

I added the Twitter share a link button code to my blogpost.tmpl and microblogpost.tmpl templates.

The Twitter share a link button only appears for my posts when I'm logged in.Obviously, most people would use such a share a link so that anyone can see it, but I'm using it to syndicate posts to the JotHut Twitter page and not to share posts.

And I'm only using the Twitter share a link button.

I like these obvious, "lo-fi" IndieWeb approaches that are so simple that I overlook them. The other lo-fi approach used here is the little text input field for a WebMention that I first saw implemented at http://adactio.com/journal/6469/ .

It's nice when these functions are executed automatically by server-side code, but the initial, simple step is to employ a little manual activity. In my opinion, these two manual functions are not hardships.

For WebMentions, creating the code to receive a WebMention is easier than sending. I need to implement the latter still. That will be based upon looking for the "reply" microformat attribute on the target's URL in my post.

Anyway, syndicating to Twitter with the share link allows me to select which content to post to Twitter. I'll probably syndicate every post with the blog_jr tag. And then I'll choose some microblog/note posts.

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