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JR: Testing the new insta command - For easily embedding an Instragram photo. Use the URL to the web page and not the image: insta= will do a fetch on that URL parse the web page for the Open Graph meta property: meta property="og:image" content=" / use the content URL within an H... more>>
- May 17, 2016 - #junco #photo #testing

JR: - Used to dump the contents in database tables for backup purposes. #!/bin/bash dumpdir=/home/myaccount/dbdump dt=`date +%d-%b-%Y` dumpfile=$dumpdir/myaccount-dbdump-$dt.sql /usr/bin/mysqldump --add-drop-table -uDBUSER -pDBPWD DBNAME > $dumpfile gzip... more>>
- Sep 24, 2014 - #mysql #database #programming #junco #grebe

JR: Testing fenced code block commands - I'm typing this page in Markdown. I'll add another fence code block option, and I'll make it available, regardless of what markup language that I'm using, similar to my other custom formatting commands. My custom fenced code block command code. / ... more>> 5 min read
- Sep 23, 2014 - #junco #testing #markup #markdown #textile

JR: Junco User Documentation - Junco was designed to support multiple users who create blog posts, microblog posts, replies, and follow users and tags. But Junco can be used as a personal publishing site too. Example usage: personal site - multi-user test version - Accou... more>> 29 min read
- Sep 23, 2014 - #junco #programming #blogging #blog_jr

JR: Interesting viewpoint on content production - I guess that I made this quote in February 2014, although I'm unsure why. I must have been reading something related. The web app's publishing ease-of-use produces quantity. Honing the quantity produces quality. Organizing the quality produces ea... more>>
- Sep 09, 2014 - #jothut #junco #blogging #wiki #editor #quote #media #design

JR: Personal Knowledgebase Systems - JotHut Uses - Junco User Documentation Obviously, my personal KMS is the Junco code that powers JotHut. Even though Junco was designed to power a community site with its features that allow following users, following tags, and posting replies to oth... more>> 1 min read
- Sep 05, 2014 - #jothut #junco #cms #kms #notes #blog_jr

JR: This is a test: with the colon punct in the title - as of july 16, 2014, no longer enforcing namespace feature, since this installation of Junco is used by only one person #junco - #testing
- Jul 16, 2014

JR: Markdown and Multimarkdown testing and documentation - hidden comments markdown/multimarkdown permits html style comments. trying something different based upon this post. it worked. the above "comments" do not appear anywhere in the html markup, so they are not seen with a view-source. they could... more>> 4 min read
- Jun 18, 2014 - #grebe #markup #junco #multimarkdown

JR: Junco - Junco is a web-based publishing tool, used to house notes, bookmarks, thoughts, and other writings. The app can be setup as a community site with social features, such as following users, following tags, and adding replies. Or it can be setup as a ... more>> 1 min read
- May 19, 2014 - #junco #blog_jr

JR: Resolved - Add calc command to Junco code - This simply uses the Perl eval command to process an arithmetic string. Format: calc = arithmetic expression. After the eval is processed, the calc command is surrounded with brackets and included in the output. (5+3) / 2 = 4 440 * .4 = 176 ... more>>
- Apr 11, 2014 - #junco #resolved

JR: Junco HTML Templates - Junco Code - tags.tmpl Junco Code - microblogpost.tmpl Junco Code - header.tmpl - Nov 2013 Junco Code - footer.tmpl - Nov 2013 #junco #juncocode
- Apr 08, 2014

JR: Implement single page application qualities - Is this doable or necessary? At least test it. - Rise of the SPA #junco - #todo_later - #spa
- Apr 01, 2014

JR: Resolved - Add keyboard shortcuts to split-screen typing mode - update 28mar2014 - added a few more: ctrl+J - bare display that shows only the single textarea box for writing. no border, no nav bar, no buttons, no links. ctrl+H - bare display per above except textarea box is only five lines tall. ctrl+D - chang... more>>
- Mar 28, 2014 - #inprogress #junco #resolved

JR: Test post using Markdown - Intro text should go here asdf lj las dflj lj lasjdfl l lasjdflj asldf la jalsj flafl asldfj alsdf adflja sdf al df l aldf la dfla dfl aldf ladflajf al fl dfj alksdf la dflk asldf lj aldf ladfslja sfj alsf la flaj sldfj alfs jalf la flja sflj a. a... more>> 1 min read
- Mar 10, 2014 - #markup #junco #markdown

JR: Notetaking - December 2012 blog post by programmer Brent Simmons titled Notes and Books Im 45 years old and my short-term memory, which used to be very good, is now average, so I take notes frequently as I work. I take notes at the very second I think of them, ... more>> 2 min read
- Jan 15, 2014 - #notes #junco #blog_jr

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